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The Yosakoi Challenge: Yosakoi Your Way to Happiness -Kochi, Japan to hold social media challenge you can participate in from home!

Kochi Prefecture (Japan) is holding The Yosakoi Challenge: Yosakoi Your Way to Happiness social media event from February 1st to February 28th, 2021. The challenge aims to let people learn more about the Yosakoi festival and Kochi Prefecture, where Yosakoi originated.
Although in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kochi Prefecture is challenging those outside Japan to help bring smiles to people around the world by making a one-minute Yosakoi Dance video from home. Post the video on social media to be entered in a lottery for a chance to win one of 60 prize posts from Kochi Prefecture.
About Kochi Prefecture
Located in the Shikoku region of Japan, Kochi is a warm climate tourist destination, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and steep mountains.
Its nature consists of rivers (Shimanto River, Niyodo River) containing some of the best water quality in Japan and geological features (Muroto UNESCO Global Geopark, Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park, Shikoku Karst), and panoramas of beautiful scenery.
About Yosakoi
The Yosakoi Festival, is one of the country’s most famous festivals. Variations of this festival are held in over 200 locations in Japan and 29 countries/regions.  It is a dance festival where dancers hold Naruko (wooden clappers), in both hands and dance to original choreography and music that incorporates Japanese traditional dance and other motifs.
The Yosakoi Challenge: Yosakoi Your Way to Happiness 
Application Period:
February 1st (Mon.) – February 28th (Sun.), 2021 (*JST)
Prize/Number of Winners:
Yosakoi related goods from Kochi to be given to 60 people by lottery
Qualification Requirements:
・ Individuals or groups living in countries or regions outside Japan
・ Anyone with an Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account
About the Song “Yosakoi Remix”
“Yosakoi Remix”, the music for the one minute challenge, is based on the Yosakoi Dance melody and arranged by U.S. and Japan-based DJ KAORI.
Originally from Kochi Prefecture, DJ KAORI traveled to New York City and became the first Japanese artist to appear as a DJ on TV and radio stations channels including HOT97, BET, and FOX.
International Tourism Division, Kochi Prefectural Government