Kochi Prefecture Announces the Winners of”Yosakoi Challenge: Yosakoi Your Way to Happiness”

a Social Media Campaign Encouraging people to Have Fun Posting Videos on Social Media from Their Homes.

Kochi Prefecture, Japan launched the “Yosakoi Challenge: Yosakoi Your Way to Happiness” campaign to encourage people to submit, a one-minute video of themselves performing a Yosakoi dance on social media. The campaign, which ran from February 1st (Mon) to February 28th (Sun), saw the submission of a great number of videos showing happy, smiling faces from 16 countries and regions from all over the world. Please take a look at their videos and enjoy their joyful Yosakoi dances:
From a total of 116 submissions received, 60 were chosen strictly at random. The successful candidates are listed here:, and each will receive a set of Yosakoi goods from Kochi, the birthplace of the Yosakoi Dance.

About Kochi Prefecture
Kochi is a prefecture located in the island of Shikoku. It is nestled between the magnificent Pacific Ocean and a steep mountainous region, a beautiful tourist area blessed with a warm climate.
Kochi is full of astounding natural resources, including rivers of the best quality in Japan (Shimanto River, and Niyodo River), as well as a great variety of magnificent geographical features (Muroto Global Geopark Center, Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park, and Shikoku Karst), providing an abundance of colorful scenery and great beauty.

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What is the Yosakoi Dance?
Kochi Prefecture, Japan, is the birthplace of the Yosakoi festival, one of the most representative festivals of Japan, and well known in over 200 Japanese regions and 29 countries and regions worldwide. The Yosakoi Dance is the dance of the festival, featuring dancers holding a pair of instruments in their hands, which produce a rhythmic, clapping sound. Dancers move around freely to music based on a variety of dance styles, including Japanese dance.

About “Yosakoi Challenge: Yosakoi Your Way to Happiness”
The recent coronavirus pandemic has inevitably restricted our ability to go out, affecting people all over the world. This campaign was born from our desire to bring some brightness to everyone’s lives through Kochi’s Yosakoi dance, encouraging them to join in to create a one-minute video of themselves doing a Yosakoi dance from their homes. In addition, we wanted to spread knowledge of the Yosakoi dance to many people around the world, allowing us to share the great highlights of its birthplace, Kochi Prefecture.

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