Matsudo City (Chiba, Japan) has released a promotional video as part of the “This is my MATSUDO” tourism project

CHIBA, Japan, April 22, 2021  — These promotion videos were created with the goal of introducing the appeal of Matsudo to potential tourists from foreign countries and inviting them to enjoy our wonderful city. We look forward to their patronage once the Novel Coronavirus situation is behind us.

Matsudo City: A Town Good for Living and Exploring

Matsudo, a city 500,000 people call home, lies in the northern area of Chiba Prefecture, bordering the Tokyo Metropolis. Situated a mere 34-minute train ride from Japan’s largest international airport, Narita Airport, and 24 minutes from Tokyo Station, Matsudo is uniquely positioned as a convenient hub for both residents and tourists alike.

In addition to its superb location, Matsudo is relatively inexpensive when it comes to costs of living and lodging prices, and is well-endowed with a plethora of urban conveniences, lush greenery, historical landmarks, and friendly people. On top of all that, its famous ramen and variety of other unique, mouthwatering delicacies makes Matsudo, without a doubt, a place where Tokyo-visiting foreign tourists can not only live in comfort, but explore in awe.

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Video List

1. Explore the Magic and Mysteries of Matsudo with our CIRs!

Chinese Version:

2. Explore the Magic and Mysteries of Matsudo with Moto Sasaki!–3XI7&index=2

Chinese Version:

3. Explore the Magic and Mysteries of Matsudo with our Pear Professionals!–3XI7&index=3

Chinese Version:

4. Explore the Magic and Mysteries of Matsudo’s World of Art!–3XI7&index=4

Chinese Version:

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Explore the Magic and Mysteries of Matsudo

Chinese Version:

Matsudo City Hall; Economic Promotion Dpt.; Culture, Tourism, and International Div. *YouTube Channel*

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Matsudo City International Portal

And hence, in order to assist Matsudo residents whose first language is not Japanese, we have created a series of multilingual video guides concerning various municipal procedures and institutions. We hope that these videos provide plenty of helpful information that will help everyone in Matsudo live better, less-stressful lives.

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Video List

“municipal procedures and institutions” (English Version)

Japanese Version:

Chinese Version: Vietnamese Version: