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Trade Log starts providing YUBIKIRI, an IoT-linked blockchain, for Shiseido’s prestige skincare brand “THE GINZA”

The world’s first*2 case of full-scale blockchain implementation across marketing and SCM of prestige skincare brand

TOKYO, May 18, 2021 — Trade Log Inc. (Head Office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Masahiro Fujita; hereinafter “Trade Log”) announces that it has begun providing YUBIKIRI, a deployment tool for IoT-linked blockchain, to THE GINZA Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Toshiyuki Kiritani; hereinafter “THE GINZA “), a subsidiary of Shiseido Company which is the 5th biggest cosmetics company in the world. This is the first case for prestige skincare brands in the world to deploy full-scale blockchain technology across marketing and SCM.

With the goal of “Create a Market Without Failure”, Trade Log has focused on coordination between supply chain and marketing, extermination of counterfeit products and environmental issues. Especially, by making full use of IoT and blockchain, Trade Log supports the digital transformation of many companies, mainly in areas such as manufacturing, logistics and social infrastructure. Trade Log provides the outstanding services mainly by its own original products such as YUBIKIRI*1, a deployment tool for IoT-linked blockchain, and “OHAJIKI*1“, a deployment tool for token economy.

Recently, many global brands are being forced to take a variety of measures in terms of both offense and defense as below:

  • O2O (Offline to Online) marketing through digitalization of touchpoint with customers
  • Protecting brands from counterfeits in emerging markets
  • Streamlining logistics in SCM, which is becoming increasingly sophisticated day by day

However, many brands are busy with symptomatic measures and then they have not been able to come up with measures that go through the entire brand. THE GINZA was also looking for a drastic solution to these issues.

To address these challenges, Trade Log begins providing THE GINZA with “YUBIKIRI for Microsoft Azure*5” which works on “Microsoft Azure*3 and “Kaleido*4 BaaS (Blockchain as a Service)”.

Through this initiative, Trade Log will support the promotion of cross-border O2O marketing and counterfeit measures, rationalization of logistics, and support the provision of a real brand experience to users. Trade Log uses Quorum*6 as a basic technology to ensure confidentiality and future scalability while linking brands, logistics, e-commerce, and users on an equal footing. 

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In the past, the majority of efforts related to blockchain in global brand marketing have been limited to partial demonstration experiments. However, this effort will be outstanding in the following three points.

  1. In the luxury cosmetics market, this is the world’s first approach to provide actual blockchain installations across marketing and SCM
  2. By use of both QR code label including the RFID tag and blockchain to streamline logistics and achieve O2O marketing over the full process life cycle 
  3. The integration of real stores and e-commerce measures through linkage with Salesforce Commerce Cloud*7

Regarding this announcement, Trade Log received the endorsements as follows:

Ms. Asuka Kuroda, The GINZA Global Brand Director
The GINZA Global Brand unit, Shiseido Company Ltd.

There are two main reasons why we have made a new initiative with Trade Log as a partner company. Trade Log has the technological capabilities to develop a system by use of the blockchain platform “Quorum” which has strengths in confidentiality in order to achieve advanced marketing measures. In addition to that, we believed that Trade Log would be the partner to be able to accomplish our first attempt together because Trade Log provides consulting services for implementation in addition to system developing. We reaffirmed through our efforts with Trade Log that partnerships with companies with advanced technological capabilities and effective collaboration will be the key to future business success in order to provide high-value-added experiences for our customers.
Following the COVID-19 crisis, we are now in a world that is expected to further accelerate digital transformation. To achieve the mission of The Ginza brand, which provides customers with timeless beauty, it is necessary to continuously innovate in response to changes in customers. Going forward, we will continue to deliver our customers, a new customer experience, that can be made from Beauty × digital transformation along with Trade Log. 

Mr. Shibanori Kitou, President and Representative Director 
Hitachi Transport System Collaboration., Ltd.

We, Hitachi Transport System Collaboration., Ltd. will continue to provide high-quality logistics services in response to the efforts of Shiseido Company, Limited THE GINZA Global Brand Co., Ltd., and related companies. 

Mr. Tomofumi Nonaka, Senior Director, Sell With Lead, One Commercial partner, Partner Sales GroupMicrosoft Japan Co., Ltd.

Microsoft sincerely welcomes the adoption of Microsoft Azure on the official brand website of “THE GINZA”, a prestige skincare brand of Shiseido. By using “YUBIKIRI for Microsoft Azure” working on Microsoft Azure which has Cloud Security Gold Marks in Japan, the security of data management can be strengthened, and the acquisition and management of anti-counterfeit measures information can be simplified. Microsoft will continue to contribute to the digital transformation of our customers through the latest technology based on the strong collaboration with Trade Log. 

Mr. Steve Cerveny, CEO and Founder, Kaleido Inc.

“Supply Chain integrity is front page news and an urgent societal issue”, says Steve Cerveny, Founder and CEO of Kaleido. “Shiseido and Trade Log are pioneering solutions to hard problems in the space and are using blockchain for its strength – to enable transparency across multiple parties and previously disparate systems.  It’s in Kaleido’s DNA to accelerate enterprise digital transformation, and we proudly support this project with our enterprise blockchain tools and infrastructure.”

*1 Trade Log, “YUBIKIRI” and “OHAJIKI” are registered trademarks or trademarks of Trade Log Inc. in Japan and other countries. 
*2 Our Survey
*3 Microsoft, Azure is a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries. 
*4 Kaleido is a registered trademark or trademark of Kaleido Inc. in the United States and other countries. 
*5 This is a tool that makes it easier to install our YUBIKIRI to Microsoft Azure users.
*6 A major enterprise platform of Ethereum, which can secure confidentiality. 
*7 Salesforce Commerce Cloud(SFCC) is a registered trademark or trademark of, Inc. in the United States and other countries. 

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About Trade Log Inc.

Founded in 2018 under the vision of “creating a market without failure.”   Supporting the introduction of blockchain technology to resolve irrational and uneconomical conditions among companies in various industrial areas, such as manufacturing, logistics, and social infrastructure.  Particularly focusing on integration of IoT and O2O marketing with blockchain.  Providing a variety of solutions, including the ubiquitous era data linkage tool “YUBIKIRI” and the token economy introduction tool “OHAJIKI.”  Based on the idea that data design is the cornerstone of blockchain dissemination, Trade Log is also promoting data utilization support projects.  Trade Log will support its customers’ digital transformation through the twin pillars of blockchain and data utilization. 

Address: Daiyagate Ikebukuro F5, 1-16-15, Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Business: Blockchain-related business and data utilization support business
Representative: Masahiro Fujita, Representative Director

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