BESPOKE SAKE Service Special Program “Cultural Sake Creation Workshop” (Including a bottle of Sake produced by the participants! Course A only)

Sake Business Laboratory (CEO: Mutsuki Takahashi) will launch a new program “Cultural Sake Creation Workshop“ as a part of BESPOKE SAKE Service.

The BESPOKE SAKE service and the “Cultural Sake Creation Workshop” have been adopted as a subsidy project for the overseas branding of Japanese alcoholic beverages by the National Tax Agency in 2021.

Title : BESPOKE SAKE service special program “Cultural Sake Creation Workshop”
Theme of the first program :
Imagine the Sake drunken in a Rakugo, Japanese comic storytelling titled “Tameshizake”, and create it in the real life!
Application deadline : 9th, September 2021.

Overview :     
This “Cultural Sake Creation Workshop” is a program that consists of the following “4 special contents” that cannot be experienced anywhere else and “Sake that is planned and made by all participants”.

① Watch the Rakugo “Tameshizake” video in English
 Performer: Mr. Katsura Sunshine (Rakugoka)
② Lean the Sake production of the “Tameshizake” era
Lecturer: Dr. Shuji Horie (Sake researcher)
Zoom webinar : 11th September, 2021. 5:00-6:30 PM (JST)
③ Time for creation! Think together, talk together and make choices.
Instructor: Mr. Ken Sekiya (Representative of Sekiya Brewery)
 Zoom meeting : 18th September, 2021. 5:00-6:30 PM (JST)
④ Let’s taste the “Tameshizake”!
  Participants: Mr. Katsura Sunshine, Dr. Horie Shuji, Mr. Sekiya Ken (tentative)
 Zoom meeting : 26th March, 2022. 5:00-6:30 PM (JST)
*Video recording will be available afterword 

Course A
①Video watching + ②③④ Participation & Video watching + 1 bottle of sake 720ml made by everyone ※100 purchases limited

Course B
①Video watching + ② Live participating & Video watching but no sake

Application NOW !

Profile of the performer/lecturer

Mr.KATSURA Sunshine
Rakugoka. Born in Toronto, Canada. In 2008, he became the 15th disciple of the 6th Master Katsura Bunshi and was given the name “Katsura Sunshine”. In 2017, he made his London West End debut and New York Off-Broadway debut, and performed for three weeks in both cities. In 2019, Katsura Sunshine’s Rakugo opened at the New World Stages theater complex in New York and ran for 6 months before theaters closed due to Covid 19. This long run is scheduled to resume in February 2022. 

Dr.HORIE Shuji
Dr. Horie (Dr of Agriculture) is a leading researcher of sake who knows all about the history of brewing scene.
He is originally a researcher and engineer who received Commendation for Science and Technology by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for his invention of Rice Steamer.
His master piece “The Path of Sake-Changes in the Sake Manufacturing Method Seen from History” is said to be a bible for sake researchers.

Mr.SEKIYA Takeshi
Representative Director of Sekiya Brewery Co., Ltd.
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