We have combined DIY with mass production. In other words, you can now do injection molding at home.

New product “Manual Injection Molding Machine INARI M12” is released.

We are pleased to announce the release of our new Manual Injection Molding Machine INARI M12. With the INARI and KitMill, you can do what once was only possible inside a factory: going from die making to mass production, right from your own home.

INARI and KitMill are products developed for individual users, letting you turn your home into a factory. Let’s take a closer look at INARI and KitMill.

About the INARI Series
The INARI series is a construction kit for manual desktop injection molding machines. *
Until now, injection molding has been regarded as unsuitable for small-scale production. We completely re-examined that status quo, and have developed our own compact injection molding machine, which can be used placed on a desk. The INARI series is a manual desktop injection molding machine with an unprecedented structure that achieves both efficiency in small-scale production and prevention of mold deterioration.

Notice of New Product Release: “Manual Injection Molding Machine INARI M12”
How to use “INARI”

About the KitMill Series
The KitMill series is a construction kit for desktop CNC milling machines. *
The KillMill series enables not just the creation of products through cutting, but also lets you enjoy assembling the CNC milling machine itself, which is also known as the “mother machine”. The KitMill series offers a rich lineup of products to suit different purposes and applications, and offers maintenance and adjustment support, but is also customizable with upgrades to create a machine that is uniquely yours. 

See the page below for a more detailed introduction to KitMill.
How to use “KitMill”

*This product requires a voltage of 100V and a frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz. In order to use this product safely, please use it with a transformer and an A-type plug adapter. We are not responsible for any accidents caused by not using a transformer.

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