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Single note NFTs for 595 music notes composing the melody of“Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” ,launched for sale on “Adam byGMO”

Single note NFTs for 595 music notes composing the melody of

“Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” by Ryuichi Sakamoto,

launched for sale on “Adam byGMO”.

NFT buyer-limited auction for original handwritten music sheet

We would like to announce that the sale of the first-ever NFT piece by the musician, Ryuichi Sakamoto will be launched on NFT Marketplace ”Adam byGMO” (URL: owned by GMO Adam Inc. (Representative Director: Hideyuki Takashima), the consolidated enterprise of GMO Financial Holdings Inc. of GMO Internet Group, by Gentosha Inc. (President: Tōru Kenjo; hereinafter, Gentosha). The 595 music notes contained in the 96 bars of the right-hand melody of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s signature composition, “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” were digitally split into single notes and converted into unique NFTs. Each item is linked with an image of the music sheet for the bar containing the corresponding note. Additionally, there will be an auction for “NFT for the rights to obtain “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” by Ryuichi Sakamoto handwritten music sheet” “, after the sale opens.

The NFT for the 595 music notes were split and created from the sound source of “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence – 2021”, played at Bunkamura Studio (Tokyo) on July 30th, 2021. The only recording by Ryuichi Sakamoto this year, who is currently fighting illness.

The sale of this NFT item will initially take place on the marketplace “Adam byGMO” for a fixed amount of 10,000 JPY (tax included) per music note (one NFT item). The purchasing method can be chosen from credit card or bank deposit in Japanese yen and Ethereum (ETH). Please note that the 595 notes will be available for sale incrementally in the 3 days between December 21st to 23rd, 2021 (details on the sale schedule written below). Furthermore, these NFT items are supported for deposit to foreign marketplaces and second sale on “Adam byGMO”, although not recommended by the artist or the label.

Additionally, a limited link to download the WAV file of “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” full version will be sent as a benefit gift for first-time buyers. Owners of the NFT will be given the right to join the auction for “NFT for the rights to obtain “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” by Ryuichi Sakamoto handwritten music sheet”.

For this project, Ryuichi Sakamoto has created a handwritten music sheet for “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence”. The NFT for the rights to obtain the handwritten music sheet (physical copy) will be available for auction on “Adam byGMO”, limited to the NFT owners of 595 music notes. The starting price for this auction will be 100,000 JPY, and it will be open between December 24th, 2021, 12 AM to December 25th, 2021, 11:59 PM JST (auto extension may take place). For the successful bidder of “NFT for the rights to obtain “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” by Ryuichi Sakamoto handwritten music sheet”, the physical copy will be sent after the notice by “Adam byGMO”. As there is only a single copy of the handwritten music sheet, only the successful bidder of the first sale will exercise this item’s right.

“Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence – 2021” will complete as one piece with all owners of the 595 music note together. Please join this opportunity to be the world’s first owner for the 595 music notes of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s first- ever NFT piece. Furthermore, I hope you join the auction for a rare handwritten music sheet of “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence”.

【About the NFT for 595 music notes of “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence”】

NFT Name:X-X “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” Ryuichi Sakamoto

  ※The “X-X” part will be “Xth note of Xth bar” that corresponds to the note purchased.

Sale Location:Adam byGMO

Sale Format:Flat Rate First Sale

Sale Price:10,000 JPY(tax incl.)per item

Number of Items:595 music notes(Each NFT item contains a single music note)

Primary Sale Schedule:595 notes sold incrementally in 3 sessions of December 21st 7:00PM, Dec 22nd 7:00PM and Dec 23rd 7:00PM(all in JST)

※Available worldwide excluding Europe

Issued by:Gentosha Inc.

Planning Associate:Kab Inc. / Avex Entertainment Inc.

For details:

【About the handwritten music sheet of “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” by Ryuichi Sakamoto】

 This is an auction for the NFT of rights to obtain the handwritten music sheet up to 26 bars of “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” by Ryuichi Sakamoto. As the handwritten music sheet is one-of-a-kind, the use of rights will be limited to the successful bidder of the first sale.

NFT Name:”NFT for the rights to obtain “Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence” by Ryuichi Sakamoto handwritten music sheet”

Sale Location:Adam byGMO

Sale Format:Auction

Starting Price:100,000 JPY(tax incl.)

Number of Items:1

Auction Schedule:December 24th, 2021 12AM to December 25th, 2021 11:59PM(JST)

Issued by:Gentosha Inc.

Planning Associate:Kab Inc. / Avex Entertainment Inc.

For details:

Please be aware that although the sale of these NFT items are preconditioned for a worldwide purchase, due to the uncompleted processes for meeting the GDPR criteria, “Adam byGMO” users in the European region cannot purchase these items.It is very unfortunate that the sale will not be available for users living in the European region. We would like to note that this was not the artist’s intent.

Thank you for your understanding.

Features of “Adam byGMO”

■ Available in Japanese and English. Seamless NFT purchases and listings from abroad !

 Since the start of services in English from December 2021, we have allowed for seamless purchases and listings of NFT items with an accessible UI・UX system from abroad(※1).

(※1)We are still preparing the purchase service for users living in Europe (EU nations and some members of EAA・United Kingdom).

■ Payment supports Japanese Yen as well as Ethereum. Easy purchases with various payment methods !(※2)

 Besides the Ethereum payment generally used to trade NFT, users can make purchases via credit card and bank transfers. Since the service supports payment in Japanese Yen, those who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrency can also purchase NFT contents easily.

(※2)Only for users in Japan. Payment must be made via credit card or Ethereum (ETH) for users abroad. Sales proceeds for listings from abroad can only be received with Ethereum.

■ Secondary sales allowed within the services of Adam byGMO ! Returning royalties to creators.

 For NFT contents purchased on “Adam byGMO”, users are allowed to open secondary sales within the services of “Adam byGMO”. Moreover, a part of sales proceeds from secondary sales are regarded as royalties, which will be returned to the NFT content creator.

■ NFT owner limited contents available.

 ”Adam byGMO” provides contents exclusive to the owners of NFT items purchased on the same service. The limited contents are available in the format of images, audios, videos etc. and non-owner users do not have access to such contents.

■ Future plans to expand the service.

 For further development, ”Adam byGMO” plans to expand the services by adding more features, including the “Verified Creators Function” where creators who completed the review process will be able to produce and list the items themselves(※3).

(※3)The creators must be reviewed by authorized partner groups of “Adam byGMO”.

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