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Monoxer Inc. Raises 1.81 Billion Yen in Series B Funding Round

Aiming to be a learning platform for memory retention that supports learners around the world throughout their entire lives

TOKYO, Dec. 21, 2021 — Monoxer Inc. (Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo, Directors: Kotaro Takeuchi and Keisuke Kuroyanagi, hereinafter Monoxer) which provides Monoxer, a learning platform for memory retention, is pleased to announce a capital increase through third-party allocation of new shares totalling approximately 1.81 billion yen led by Global Brain as new investor, with participation from Z Venture Capital, Salesforce Ventures,together with existing investors WiL and UB Ventures.

Background to the Fundraising

Since the time Monoxer was founded, the company has operated with the mission of “Along with memory” and has worked to create innovation in the field of memory, which is the core of human intellectual activity. Currently, Monoxer, a learning platform for memory retention is used in more than 3,400 classrooms at educational institutions, primarily in schools and cram schools.

In recent years, Monoxer has been used not only in cram schools and private schools, but also in language schools such as Chinese language schools, beauty and medical schools, general companies that focus on improving the skills of their employees, and human resources companies that support the employment of foreign workers.

The content learned through Monoxer will be stored not only in organizations such as schools and cram schools, but also in a form linked to individual users. In the future, in addition to horizontal cooperation between schools and cram schools, Monoxer will also deepen vertical cooperation with universities, vocational schools, companies, etc., and continue to drive our business to become a platform that supports users throughout their lives.

Use of Fundraising

Monoxer will invest actively in product development and recruitment to expand the scope of  Monoxer is offering.

(1) Expansion into public education
Monoxer is now being introduced in public high schools and has been successfully demonstrated in several local governments, including Habikino in Osaka Prefecture and Tsuyama in Okayama Prefecture which are achieving results. Moving forward, we will promote the use of Monoxer in more and more public education field.

(2) Expansion into higher education, including vocational schools and universities
Monoxer has been used by vocational schools and universities, and we will promote its use for the acquisition abilities of specialized knowledge in a wider range of fields.

(3) Expansion into the field of adult education
As remote working becomes more and more common, the way in which employees are trained needs to change.By using Monoxer, it will be possible to establish a more effective training process through the retention and visualisation of skills and knowledge.Monoxer can also be applied to recurrent education and reskilling, which have been attracting more attention in recent years.

(4) Expansion outside Japan
Monoxer is increasingly being used outside Japan, in countries such as the Philippines, Indonesia and Mongolia.In the medium to long term, we will continue to develop our business outside of Japan to provide our service to people all over the world.

Monoxer’s growth trajectory

In total, more than 800 million questions have been studied using Monoxer, and over 260,000 Books (workbooks) have been created by users. Now used by a wide variety of organizations. As a result, the variety of studying materials has been increased, and various achievements have been made. The following are some examples.

Monoxer was used at a university preparatory school in Tokyo, producing high-level learning outcomes as follows: In a second-year junior high school course with approximately 90 students, the pass rate for the level 3 English-proficiency test climbed to 93% from 59% the previous year; while in a second-year high school course of about 70 students, the pre-level 2 pass rate increased from 34% to 80%.

Monoxer is used not only to improve the grades achieved by children but is also being used to stimulate motivation for learning and for the acquisition of knowledge in the fields of education and entertainment.

In addition to the study of subject areas in the school education system, books (workbooks) covering the content of trendy anime and games, which are of great interest to students, have been created, and Monoxer is also being used to discuss entertainment- and culture-related issues.

At one medical vocational school, physiotherapists and nurses are using Monoxer to prepare test of national qualifications. After 3 months of using Monoxer, the average score in the school mock examinations was 30 points higher than last year.

Meanwhile, in the area of language learning  for adults, Chinese language classes where have introduced Monoxer as a learning tool for after-class study have seen an increase in new inquiries, particularly from people in their 20s.

Monoxer Inc.

Headquarters: 7F, Sumitomo Fudosan Iidabashi Ekimae Building, 3-8-5 Iidabashi, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo. 102-0072
Established: August 10th, 2016
Representatives: Representative Director & CEO Kotaro Takeuchi, Representative Director & CTO Keisuke Kuroyanagi
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