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What Is the “Official Jokers Club,” That Is Attracting the Attention of VIPs Around the World?

The Official Jokers Club is a community that can make the American dream come true.

Official Jokers Club has been a hot topic on social media among celebrities and VIPs around the world.

Steve Aoki, the world’s top DJ, and Dubai’s super VIPs follow the Jokers on social media. It’s clear that the Jokers are a meticulously crafted work, dressed in the new luxury fashions and adorned with the new luxury watches and jewelry, all of which are detailed and precise. However, apparently, that’s not all that’s being talked about.

The Joker is often considered as a diabolical villain in Batman series, however the Jokers that you can see here is to create community, connect people around the world, and solve global issues that are happening in every corner of the world. The official website also says that the Jokers will achieve this by connecting empowered people, working together to create business and wealth, and giving back to society.

How did such Jokers come about?

It is easy to understand if you watch the following video.

Joker Club Story Video

“Our potential is infinite, and we can all change.”

One day, a poor joker falls in love at first sight with a watch in a city show window.

He had worked hard for years to buy the watch, but no matter how hard he tried, he was not able to get any reward.

One day, the Joker happened to get acquainted with an old man, Joker.

In the course of this interactions with the old Joker, he realizes the importance of “taking care of others and being your own best move”. This is when the Joker’s great leap forward begins.

Eventually, the Joker, who had acquired a huge amount of wealth, said, “Our potential is infinite. Anyone can become a success by meeting good people and changing the way they think and act!” And he vows, “Next time, it will be my turn to change people’s lives.”

Official Jokers Club is a guide for the modern world

The Official Jokers Club provides guidance to those who do not know how to live their lives, and to those who are poor and negative due to the Covid pandemic. The Official Jokers Club has several events scheduled on the roadmap that will provide you with the opportunity to meet VIPs and learn how to succeed in life.( Example, apparel collaboration and The sandbox Land)

The Official Jokers Club is a community that can make the American dream come true, and the social media already has 9,800 followers in just one month since its opening.

Is the team behind Official Jokers Club the people who sold Mayweather the $18 million watch?

Floyd Mayweather, the undefeated champion, posted his favorite watch he bought on his Instagram. It’s the $18 million “The Billionaire” by Jacob & Co. and it was featured in several media.

Mayweather wearing The Billionaire watch on social media has become a hot topic within The Official Jokers Club’s discord server, and word of mouth is spreading that it was the team behind Official Jokers Club that sold The Billionaire to Mayweather.

As a result, rumor is spreading that the team has contacts with VIPs around the world.

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