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The cutting-edge humanoid “Kaleido” robot is made by one of the most world-famous motorcycle makers: KAWASAKI (Kawasaki Heavy Industry).

Now, it’s joined forces with Japanese manga subculture to issue an NFT that leads to the Metaverse!

UHS Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Japan), which participates in the NFT Creative Studio OpenSky Blue Lab, is working with Polygon Magic Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Japan), Shibuya Tokyo Japan Co., Ltd., and Oddoaikurieitibu Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Japan). We will issue and sell NFT ART CONTENTS of the cutting-edge humanoid robot “Kaleido” that Kawasaki Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. is working on.

Issuing an NFT of the cutting-edge humanoid robot “Kaleido”! 

Kaleido is a humanoid robot made by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd., one of Japan’s three major heavy industry companies – including the KAWASAKI brand, a motorcycle manufacturer that is the pride of Japan and beloved around the world.

Kawasaki Heavy Industries is one of the constituent stocks of Nikkei 225, which is one of the stock market indicators in Japan, and is one of the biggest companies in the Japanese economy.

This time, KAWASAKI will launch the state-of-the-art humanoid (Kaleido) form, which was jointly researched with the top universities in Japan, such as the University of Tokyo, as a Humanoid Kaleido NFT using blockchain technology. Humanoid Kaleido NFT is the world’s first NFT linked to existing robots originating in Japan, with the key concept of “a society in which robots permeate society and coexist with humans.”

Humanoid Kaleido NFT is not just NFT art contents, but it fuses Japan’s world-class manga subculture with robots to give the NFT works a story where robots, Metaverse, AI, XR, blockchain, etc. permeate society. We will link this sensibility to the value of NFTs. The NFT’s design will create 10,000 (planned) generative artworks based on the 3D data of Kaleido Buddy & Kaleido Friends.

Humanoid Kaleido is an NFT with multiple experimental elements

NFT where each one has an identity

Give all Humanoid Kaleido NFTs individual information (identity). This will create unique NFT Art contents in which no two individuals are alike, with a unique name, personality, date of birth (manufacturing date), and specifications.

Draw your own future (story) with manga

Humanoid Kaleido appears in MANGA, which is one of the most beloved aspects of Japanese subculture, and multiple stories that spread from the key concept are linked to the value of NFT. With the appearance of the real Humanoid Kaleido NFT in the story, we will create even more depth in the content.

Release of copyright

Humanoid Kaleido NFT data can be created secondarily for free. As a result, we can expect the development of various community-led products using Humanoid Kaleido, and as a result, the recognition of the original Humanoid Kaleido will increase, which will contribute to the improvement of the value of the original picture. In order to create an environment where products occur more spontaneously, we will use a part of the published Humanoid Kaleido NFT as an incentive for developers.

Humanoid NFT (Humanoid Kaleido NFT collection’s working name) will be published and sold this spring.

In the first half of Q2 2022, we will sell NFTs issued by OpenSky Blue, which is an NFT sales platform. NFT issuance and sales will be carried out by BRAINCHILD HK LTD (HongKong), which participates in OpenSky Blue LAB, and sales revenue will be returned to Project Kaleido and used to expand the token economy of Humanoid Kaleido NFT.

The token allocation of the Humanoid Kaleido NFT collection aims to expand the token ecosystem by designing tokens aiming at community formation and providing various incentive programs to users.

Scheduled incentive program using NFT

●   Hackathon for content developers

●   Humanoid Kaleido NFT award for the community

●   Free distribution program

Details of the publication will be released at a later date from the official media.

Humanoid (Kaleido) specs developed by KAWASAKI

Buddy Kaleido

●    Overall height: 179 cm

●    Body weight: 83 kg

●    Number of axes: 34

●    Built-in battery

●    Strength is above average: It can carry up to 60kg

●    Force sensor: Mounted on the ankle

●    Visual sensor: Mounted on the face

●    Tilt sensor: mounted on the pelvis

●    Walking speed: 5km / h

Kaleido Friends

●    Overall height: 168 cm

●    Body weight: 54 kg

●    Number of axes: 30 (+ 10 fingers)

●    Built-in battery

●    Carry weight: up to 10 kg

●    Force sensor: Mounted on the ankle

●    Visual sensor: Mounted on the face

●    Tilt sensor: mounted on the pelvis

●    Walking speed: 3km / h

●    Eye monitor: 2 installed

Why did Kawasaki make “Kaleido”?

“Kaleido” is a humanoid robot made by Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kawasaki Heavy Industries), which has a history of more than 50 years in the field of industrial robots, is conducting research and development in collaboration with the University of Tokyo. Debuted at the “2017 International Robot Exhibition” held in December 2017. Two years later, at the “2019 International Robot Exhibition”, the updated “Kaleido” demonstrated walking on a treadmill, eliminating obstacles and carrying out rescues. It is about 180 cm tall and weighs 85 kg, which is almost the same physique as an adult, but it is characterized by a robust structure that “does not break even if it falls”. We are developing for practical use in the field such as disaster relief and construction.

Furthermore, we believe that it is a major mission of robots to support the aging society that will come in the future. The working population will decrease every year, and the working generation will not be able to support the elderly as it is. We need robots to make up for this shortage of labor. In addition, there is already a great need for robots that support long-term care. In the future, in order for robots to work well at home, they will need to be as soft and supple as humans.

We are convinced that the compact new “Kaleido” with a height of 168 cm and a weight of 54 kg, which was unveiled at the “2022 International Robot Exhibition”, will be a robot that can make friends with people.

Project ☆ Kaleido to support Kaleido is launched! And the logo & mark is open to the public. Kaleido’s performance at the world’s largest robot exhibition is released on its Youtube channel.

The bipedal humanoid robot “Kaleido” was exhibited at the “2022 International Robot Exhibition” (hereinafter referred to as “Robot Exhibition”), the world’s largest robot exhibition, held at Tokyo Big Site from March 9 to 12, 2022. The project “PROJECT ☆ kaleido” was launched to make “Kaleido” widely known to the general public and to carry out secondary creative activities.

This time, the transmission medium of PROJECT ☆ kaleido was opened to coincide with the announcement of the robot exhibition.

●    Official teaser site:

●    Official Twitter:「 Official PROJECT☆Kaleido

●    Official youtube:「PROJECT☆Kaleido channel

●    OpenSkyBlue Kaleido teaser site : ( )

“PROJECT ☆ Kaleido” logo design concept

On “☆ (Earth)”, I drew an illustration of a human and a robot getting along with each other. I put the letters “PROJECT” and “Kaleido” on a plate with a metal feather motif from “☆” where the person and the robot are. In other words, we designed the concept of a futuristic project that “humans and robots can fly high into space by working together’.

“Buddy Kaleido” mark design concept

In the design inside the gear, the person poses from “Buddy” to “B”, and the robot that poses “K” from “Kaleido” has his arms folded tightly. Infinite possibilities open up when humans and robots form a buddy. I designed it so that you can see it at a glance. The lime green of “Kaleido” is the trademark color of Kawasaki Heavy Industries.

Design concept of “Kaleido Friends” mark

In the glitter of the kaleidoscope, a slender robot with an attractive ponytail poses for the “K” of “Kaleido” and dances energetically! Your fingertips are pointing towards tomorrow.

In addition, the overall silhouette imitates the note “♪” but uses the “F” of “Friends” as a motif. “Kaleido Friends” was designed with the belief that you can be friends with everyone.

About PROJECT ☆ kaleido Supporters

An external support partner project to support Kaleido, organized by OpenSkyBlue Lab, Polygon Magic Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Japan), Ku Co., Ltd. (Shibuya Tokyo Japan), and Oddo Aikuri Etibu Co., Ltd. (Tokyo Japan).

Official teaser site:

Official Twitter:「Official PROJECT☆Kaleido

Official youtube:「PROJECT☆Kaleido channel

OpenSkyBlue Kaleido teaser site : ( )

About UHS Co., Ltd.

UHS Co., Ltd. is a Japanese company that plans and develops systems. We mainly plan and develop credit information systems and services and applications using blockchain. In the NFT business area, we participate in the DAO (Autonomous Decentralized Organization) of OpenSkyBlue Lab (Hong Kong), which operates and produces the NFT platform. We are designing for NFT issuance mainly in the Japanese market and East Asia.

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