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NFT secured by gold starts selling “GOLDen Frog “

On March 25, Smart Lab, Inc. (Honolulu ) announced the launch of a gold-backed NFT sale. The name of the NFT is “GOLDen Frog.”

This was made possible by signing a gold refining and marketing consortium agreement with Scott/Westpac LLC (Utah), a mining company owned by a major U.S. financial group.

When a user purchases GOLDen Frog NFT, the physical gold purchased by the user is stored by a U.S. security company and can be withdrawn in physical form anywhere in the world.

The world’s first Generative NFT backed by the value of GOLD. That’s the GOLDen Frog.

The world is changing rapidly. A tremendous revolution is taking place in the financial and blockchain worlds. And it will spread to all kinds of businesses. The biggest attraction of the NFT is its integration with the blockchain and its efforts to improve user satisfaction, game ability, profit margin, etc.

We are confident that NFT, neither stocks nor real estates, will play a leading role in the next generation of assets.

On the other hand, gold has universally been one of the oldest assets in the human history.

The “GOLDen Frog” is an epoch-making work that combines the history and stability of gold with an NFT.

Five GOLDen Frog NFTs will be issued in 10g, 50g, 100g, 300g, and 500g.

These will be sold as a total of 5,000 pieces of generative art.

Introduction of Smart Lab, Inc.

Company name: Smart Lab, Inc.

Address: D-1005 kawaimoku street,Honolulu H196815

Web site:


Smart Lab, Inc. has a joint venture agreement with Scott Westpac LLC for gold refining and sales.