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The 2nd NFT drop of the popular manga “The Drops of God” will go on sale on the NFT marketplace Adam byGMO! Adam byGMO is now also accessible from Europe with GDPR support.

Adam byGMO, an NFT marketplace operated by GMO Adam, Inc. (CEO: Hideyuki Takashima, hereinafter “GMO Adam”), a subsidiary of GMO Financial Holdings, Inc. of the GMO Internet Group (URL:, will release 9 pieces of NFTs of original cover and background illustrations of the popular manga series “The Drops of God” (Art by Shu Okimoto, Story by Tadashi Agi) on Monday May 30, 2022. It has been printed more

The second NFT drop includes 9 NFT pieces of original cover and background illustrations from “The Drops of God” of Volume 11 to 20. The first NFT drop, 10 pieces of original cover and background illustrations from “The Drops of God” Volume 1 to 10,was sold out at the auction, which was held from Thursday April 28, 2022, to Sunday May 8, 2022.

Original cover illustration for “The Drops of God” Volume 18 & 19, “The Drops of God #18/19”

About the Second NFT Drop for “The Drops of God” Volume 11 to 20


“Drops of God” is a popular 44 volume manga series that began serialization on Kodansha’s weekly comics “Morning” in 2004 by manga artist Shu Okimoto and author Tadashi Agi. The series has been printed more than 15 million copies worldwide and has been credited with creating a wine boom in various parts of the world. Even after two years after the series ended, the popularity of the manga has not diminished, and a French-English-Japanese multilingual drama series “Drops of God” (tentative title) starring actor Tomohisa Yamashita is scheduled for simultaneous worldwide release on “Hulu”. This is the second drop for the NFT series, where the original cover and background illustrations for volumes 11 and 12 of “Drops of God” are made into NFT Art. We hope you enjoy the new experience of owning NFTs from unique and valuable original illustrations of “The Drops of God”, which have never been released to the world.

Original cover illustration for “The Drops of God” Volume 16, “The Drops of God #16”

Sales Overview

・Title: “The Drops of God #11″~ “The Drops of God #20″(Volume 11〜20)

・Sales Format: Auction (with automatic renewals)

・Starting price: Volume 12, 15, 17, 20:JPY 50,000~ / Volume 11, 13, 14, 16: JPY 70,000~ / Volume 18 & 19:JPY 100,000~

・Sales Period: Monday May 30, 2022 12:00 (JST) – Sunday June 5, 2022 23:59 (JST)

*NFT for original cover illustration for “The Drops of God” Volume 18 & 19 are sold as one NFT as one illustration is displayed in the 2 volumes.

・Auction Item Inquiries:

GMO NIKKO Inc. NFT Business Promotion Office

GDPR Support

Adam byGMO now supports GDPR* enabling customers residing in Europe (EU member states within the EAA and the UK) to purchase NFTs on “Adam byGMO”.

Adam byGMO will continue to expand its content and features to become a global platform that connects creators, artists, content holders, and fans in Japan and abroad, allowing users to trade NFT content safely and securely.

Tadashi Agi’s Comment

Until now, only the manga artist himself and the designer have seen the memorable original cover illustrations for all 44 volumes of “The Drops of God”. The artworks that have been treasured are now able to be delivered by converting them into NFT.

Some are monochrome drawings, some are written with unexpected backgrounds, and there we found a world even the original authors didn’t know that existed. Some contents are produced by combining 2 or 3 contents into one. All of these are histories of “The Drops of God” themselves.

Features of Adam byGMO

Japanese and English support, allowing for smooth NFT transactions from overseas!

In December 2021, the English version was launched, enabling smooth purchase and listing of NFTs from overseas while keeping the same user-friendly UI and UX design.

Ethereum and Japanese yen support, making transactions easy with diversified methods of payment!

In addition to Ethereum, which is commonly used for NFT transactions, credit cards and bank transfers are also accepted. Payment in Japanese yen is also supported, making it easy for those unfamiliar with crypto assets to purchase NFT content.

Ability to make secondary sales of purchased NFTs with royalties paid to the original creators.

NFT content purchased on Adam by GMO can be sold through secondary sales on the same platform. A portion of the proceeds from secondary sales will be returned to the creators of the NFT content as royalties.

Exclusive Content for NFT holders.

NFT content purchased through “Adam by GMO” can be viewed only by the owner of the NFT content. Exclusive content is provided to the owner in the form of images, music, videos, etc., and cannot be viewed by other users.

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