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Japan’s First! 3D NFT Project “MetaSamurai” by Web3 Creative Studio 1BLOCK and Global Fashion Brand “COACH” will collaborate as part of a program celebrating Pride Month.

Based in Los Angeles, CA and Tokyo, Japan, 1SEC Inc.’s web3 creative studio, “1BLOCK”, is developing the 3D NFT project “MetaSamurai”. This project is in collaboration with “COACH,” a global fashion brand founded in New York in 1941.

Coinciding with the house’s campaign “Go All Out For Pride”, its message in support of the LGBTQIA+ community, the special edition NFT launch is part of a month of programming in Japan in celebration of Pride.


Inspired by Coach’s values of inclusivity and self-expression, MetaSamurai is a genderless avatar project amplifying diversity of love in all dimensions. Aligned with the house’s campaign, the project aims to celebrate community and spaces where one can be their authentic selves. 

Campaign Information

The limited edition of 10 MetaSamurai will be gifted exclusively in Japan to celebrate Pride. Entry details will be announced on June 17 on Coach’s official website.

For more information and entry details on COACHx MetaSamurai visit

About us


Coach is a global fashion brand founded in 1941 in New York City. Inspired by the vision of Creative Director Stuart Vivace and the inclusive and courageous spirit of our hometown of New York, they create beautiful things that will be loved for a long time so that everyone can be themselves! They are inspired by the inclusive and courageous spirit of our hometown of New York.

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About MetaSamurai

1BLOCK’s NFT project with unlimited possibilities. MetaSamurai is a collection of 3,398 collective 1/1 3D NFT operated by [1BLOCK], a creative group based in Los Angeles and Tokyo that empowers creators and develops and operates web3 projects.


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About the company

Name : 1SEC Inc.

Founder : Miyaji Hirokuni

Address : 

【USA】1541 Ocean Avenue, Santa monica CA, US

【JP】Tokyo-to Meguro-ku Ohashi 1-6-13 6F

Founding : January 2019

Capitol : 2,135,000 USD