The launch of Media Facade Simulator, a web-based system for simulating digital signage. [ aircord and The Shift ]

A virtual city built using open data, which enables freedom in simulating and adjusting video contents.

About Media Facade Simulator

Media Facade Simulator ( ) is a system for simulating digital signage that works on the web browser. This simulator is a service that utilizes the SHIFT LINK system which connects real and virtual experiences. Video contents are broadcast freely onto buildings in a virtual version of Shibuya, which users can view from any perspective, as well as change and make edits to video contents. Additionally, ambient sounds recorded onsite have been integrated to create a sound system in which the sounds change depending on the location of the view point, making it possible to get the simulator experience even closer to the real space. Users do not need to install any applications or plug-ins and can use the simulator on any of the main web standard browsers such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari, and even on the iPad and iPhone mobile versions of Safari.

*SHIFT LINK, a joint venture by aircord and The Shift, is a hub system that connects people who “experience” through technology and design in both the real and virtual environments. SHIFT LINK aims to builds interfaces in real and virtual spaces to connect various equipment and devices, and the people and services that use them.


Possibilities and use case of Media Facade Simulator

Simulations can be done easily from equipment such as a computer or device on hand, freeing users from various limitations of time, place, and people that often limit the process of pre-visualization of real spaces. This will connect to a significant increase in productivity for creative work. Additionally, a common problem that occurs in video production, of sharing and agreeing beforehand on the visuals of the projections in respect to the actual location, also significantly improves with the use of the simulator.

And with this system, in addition to outdoor advertising, in various environments such as museums, exhibition facilities, and event spaces, real spaces, video exhibitions or broadcasts can be exhibited virtually, making it possible to create a place for people that cannot physically visit to have the experience.

Simulation using 3D models

Media Facade Simulator supports many types of 3D city data formats. Development with a wide variety of 3D data formats is supported, and currently, we are using the PLATEAU city model open data.

*PLATEAU is a leading project for the development, utilization, and open data of 3D city models by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism. Developing 3D city models as platform data for urban activities and creating use cases. Additionally, by releasing this as open data, anyone will be able to freely extract and utilize city-data.

Future plans

In the future, we plan to push even further SHIFT LINK’s concept to “connect people that experience through technology and design in both the real and virtual environments” by creating a system to synchronize the simulations on the web browser with the real broadcasting environment. The following are possible uses.

  • Besides the video contents on signage, lighting such as street lights, LEDs and moving lights could be reflected in the Media Facade Simulator to create a comprehensive representation of the cityscape.
  • Use as a digital twin to reflect the actual contents broadcast to the Media Facade Simulator.
  • Three-dimensional representation of landscape using HMD and AR glasses and devices through providing support for WebXR.
  • Visualization of information from IoT devices and sensors placed around in the city, or use as a remote control tool.

We are planning on even further developments, so if interested please feel free to get in contact.

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