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MF Bunko J “Summer School Festival 2022” Free virtual exhibits, Avatar costumes for sales and more

Gugenka Inc. has planned, developed and opened the virtual exhibition hall of “MF Bunko J ‘Summer School Festival 2022” which hosted by KADOKAWA, Inc. You can still join this awesome evet till the end of July (2022/07/31).

MF Bunko J “Summer School Festival 2022” Virtual Project, Gugenka special page:

The Exhibition Venue also supported in Quest in VRChat

The exhibition venue for the virtual project was created in the concept of a school festival with “VRChat”, one of the most popular metaverse spaces, and “DOOR” provided by NTT.

This VRChat world is also compatible with the Quest version, allowing users to enter the world with Meta Quest by itself without a PC connection.

In addition, users of the PC and Quest versions can enter and enjoy the world together.

At the exhibition hall, there will be booths for each work and booths where you can meet 3D models of the heroines.

The world of “MF Bunko J” can be enjoyed in this world, including a library where you can browse through novels.

The exhibition booths for each work have gimmicks and games that are unique to VR that allows visitors to enjoy.

Started sales of digital goods


What is HoloModels?

It is an XR viewer application that allows users to freely set facial expressions and poses of digital figures, which can also be life-size, on smartphone AR and VR devices, as well as to circulate in digital space.

It handles more than 40 titles and more than 100 lineups.

*A separate free application download is required.

Released Products

Pre-order bonus “Shiro” crown model data present!

The digital figure of “Shiro” from “No Game No Life” is available for pre-order.

As a special pre-order bonus, you will receive FBX data of the crown worn by “Shiro” and an item that can be used in MakeAvatar.

You can use your own avatar in the virtual world with a crown matching “Shiro”.

digital figure “Shiro”

Pre-order bonus: Crown of “Shiro” (FBX data & MakeAvatar accessory)

Pre-order start: 2022/7/24 (Sun.) 10:00 JST

Retail price: 3,850 yen (tax included)

Sales area: Worldwide

Sales page:


What is MakeAvatar?

This smartphone application allows users to easily create original avatars for the Metaverse by simply combining parts.

In addition, users can purchase original costumes and collaboration costumes of popular characters on Gugenka’s e-commerce site “XMarket” (XMarket), which specializes in digital contents, and use them in MakeAvatar.

The avatars created can be used in various social VR applications such as “DOOR,” “Virtual Cast,” “THE SEED ONLINE,” and “VRoid Hub.

Released Products

Avatar costumes for the “Classroom of the Elite” school uniform are available.

These avatar costumes can be changed to avatars created with the avatar creation application “MakeAvatar”.

The avatar can be used at the MF Bunko J “Summer School Festival 2022” by connecting to VRChat and DOOR.

 “Classroom of the Elite” men’s and women’s uniform costume set (ChibiKetai)

Sales start: 2022/7/24 (Sun.) 10:00 JST

Sales price: 2,200 yen (tax included)

Sales area: Worldwide

Sales page:

“Summer School Festival 2022” Exclusive

All participants will receive 10 different avatar outfits that can be used in MakeAvatar

All participants will receive 10 different avatar costumes that can be used in MakeAvatar during the event.

The designs are printed with illustrations drawn by MF Bunko J “Summer School Festival 2022” with a fairy tale concept.

On the XMarket page,

you can obtain avatar costumes by entering the keywords that can be found on the posters at the entrance, gym, and in the library.

*You will need to register for an XMarket account to exchange avatar costumes.

Present distribution period: 2022/7/24 (Sun.) 10:00 JST- 2022/7/31 (Sun.) 23:59 JST

Click here for the keyword entry page:

MF Bunko J “Summer School Festival 2022” Overview

Dates: July 24, 2022 (Sun) 10:00 JST – July 31, 2022 (Sun) 18:00 JST

Admission: Free

Platform: VRChat DOOR

Required Environment

VRChat: PCVR / PC (Windows) / Meta Quest 2

DOOR: PC / Smartphone / Meta Quest 2

*DOOR” is a trademark of NTT.

Official website:

MF Bunko J “Summer School Festival 2022” virtual project Gugenka special page:

What is Gugenka?

Gugenka is an XR creative studio that produces content that serves as a hub for multi-metaverse.

The XMarket, where digital products can be purchased, includes official Japanese anime digital figures “HoloModels” and “MakeAvatar” costumes that can be used in various metaverses such as VRChat.

Gugenka Inc.

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Gugenka is an official partner of VRChat and this event is under official commercial agreement.

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