Yoshitaka Amano, LUNA SEA… A MMORPG featuring world-class creators “Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak” Official Service Starts Pre-registration surpasses 1,000,000! Avatar costume set and “Ghoul” gifts!

Asobimo, Inc. has launched the official service of the new multi-platform (PC/Android/iOS) MMORPG “Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak”

The game features world-renowned creators such as Yoshitaka Amano for character design, LUNA SEA for the theme song, and MONACA for the in-game soundtrack. You can enjoy an epic storyline with characters accurately recreated in 3D from Yoshitaka Amano’s designs, as well as adventures in a vast field where the weather changes from day to night. The game also offers a full range of battle content, including “Siege” where up to 200 players battle, “Arena” where you battle with a small number of players, and “Battlefield” where up to 30 players can fight in fierce battles. 

Pre-registration has surpassed 1,000,000 users. All users will receive all items from the pre-registration campaign, including an avatar costume set. 

What is “Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak”

“Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak” is a new MMORPG featuring world-class creators including Yoshitaka Amano for character design, LUNA SEA for the theme song, and MONACA for ingame sound.

・Accurate 3D reproduction of characters designed by Yoshitaka Amano

Yoshitaka Amano designed the characters and monsters, and you can enjoy an epic adventure with fascinating characters accurately recreated in 3D.

・LUNA SEA theme song brings excitement to the opening PV

The opening PV, featuring the theme song “PHILIA” by LUNA SEA, offers a glimpse of the characters designed by Yoshitaka Amano and the epic story set in the “Holy Nation of Nordania.

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・Official “Siege” battle competition with up to 200 players held every month

Official competitions are held every month with up to 200 players competing for the title of “Strongest Legion (Guild)”. The competition is a heated battle for the throne of the castle using a variety of forces, including gimmicks on the field such as “Siege Weapons” and the cohesive power of the legion.

【”Siege” Video URL】

・A vast world where the weather changes day and night

The concept of time exists in the world with beautifully detailed graphics, and the field scenery changes periodically. The vast world, where the weather changes from day to night, provides a realistic sense of adventure on one’s own feet.

・”Attributes” that can change the role of a job

There are three types of “attributes” for each of the jobs (occupations) that can be selected during character creation. Each attribute has its own specialty, such as attacker, defender, or healer, and can be changed according to the party members and enemy conditions.

・The “Arena”, “Battlefield”, and field–a full array of PvP content

The “Arena” and “Battlefield” allow players to battle each other. The “Arena” can be played by up to 4 players, while the “Battlefield” can be played by up to 30 players. In addition, battles can be fought on the field. You can compete with other players in solo, team, and legion battles.

・Ranking sites for all servers are available

The ranking site is updated daily with information on the top players in various contents, including battle power by server and jobs, number of dungeons cleared, and number of victories in PvP battles. The top players’ legions and the attributes they use can also be checked, making it useful for preparing for the “Siege”, “Arena”, and “Battlefield”.

Pre-registration surpasses 1,000,000! Avatar costume set and “Ghoul” gifts! 

 We held a pre-registration campaign in which all players received useful items for their adventures depending on the number of pre-registrations, and as a result, we received far more than 500,000 pre-registrations! All players will receive an avatar costume set, a “Ghoul” that you can adventure with as a pet, and other items useful for adventures. You can obtain them by logging in during the receiving period. 

▲Avatar “Cyber F Costume Set”
▲Pet “Ghoul”

Game Summary

Title: Eternal Kingdom Battle Peak


Price: Free to play

Supported OS: PC/Android/iOS

Scheduled to support: PS5®/PS4®

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