“Mid Mega City,”
DMM’s Metaverse Project,
Now in Development Using Unreal Engine 5

“Another Earth” and a “Playground” Brought to You by DMM LLC (headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo; Keishi Kameyama, Chairman and CEO;; hereinafter “DMM”) announced its new metaverse project, “Mid Mega City” (hereinafter “MMC”), which is now in development using Unreal Engine 5.

MMC is a brand new original metaverse that is planned, developed, and will be operated by the DMM Group. Utilizing its expertise in video streaming, gaming, foreign exchange, and other fields, DMM hopes to provide a metaverse of unlimited possibilities loved by users worldwide. See the short promotional video at the following link:

DMM. Now Building a Metaverse.

Appointed as Development Studio Head and Producer for this project is Daisuke Motohashi, who comes with production and management experience at Square Enix and JP GAMES. He has worked with a wide variety of gaming platforms, from consoles and PCs to mobile platforms. The project will be developed with Unreal Engine 5. Gaming-industry veterans and new colleagues are joining forces to work on the project at DMM’s Development Studio.

Below are comments from Daisuke Motohashi,’s Metaverse Development Studio Head, and Takayuki Kawasaki, representative of Unreal Engine 5 developer Epic Games Japan.

Comments from Daisuke Motohashi, Metaverse “MMC” Development Studio Head and Producer

My goal is to create a more intuitive and enjoyable metaverse that people have been waiting for. I hope to use my know-how and technical expertise in the gaming industry to provide a richly expressive and interactive experience. Leveraging the DMM Group’s involvement in various fields will enable us to provide an unrivaled service that people didn’t know they were missing.

Although this project is still in its infancy, I look forward to speaking with future partners about development, business, and management in order to “create a metaverse that we can get seriously excited about.”

Comments from Takayuki Kawasaki, Epic Games Japan Representative

I’m very excited to see that “Colonel Motohashi,” a veteran in the world of game production, and DMM, a provider of a vast array of services, have teamed up for this project. Mr. Motohashi has expressed that he plans on utilizing UE5 to its full potential in terms of expressiveness and productivity, so I am confident that this project will be something special. I look forward to seeing you all in MMC soon!

The economy established in the MMC metaverse will be linked to DMM’s wide variety of offerings. DMM  also plans to provide business partnerships with external content holders and tech companies. Developers and companies interested in such partnerships are requested to email the following contacts:

• Inquiries regarding “Mid Mega City (MMC)” development and business opportunities:

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