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Minsetsu to Provide Investor Relations Solution for U.S. Listed Companies, Using FactSet Ownership

TOKYO, Japan, October 28, 2022 – Minsetsu, Inc. which operates the Investor relations (IR) platform in Japan, launches the Minsetsu Investor Database (MID) for the U.S. Investor Relations.

MID provides users to optimize their IR operations by accessing their shareholders’ details ahead of meetings as well as connecting with new investors. Try our free trial period and experience a more optimized IR

Key Functions of MID

●     Target investors and analyst’s trends

●     Assist for financial results briefings and IR interviews

●     Provide in depth peer analysis

To use the service, please contact Minsetsu at to try Minsetsu.

Minsetsu’s next Upcoming Event

”We are delighted to announce to you our new exposure to US listed companies through the great collaboration with FactSet Research Systems Inc.” said Yuki Nakayasu, President and CEO at Minsetsu, Inc.“Minsetsu is going beyond being a provider of the database, but also to make the contribution to the capital market efficiency by providing the best IR working environments. Our exposure means more company exposure. Our next move is to be continued soon.” 

About Minsetsu

We operate an IR communication platform called “Minna no Setsumeikai” (everyone’s briefing). Everyone’s Briefing provides multiple services including a system to provide information on earnings briefings and coordinate the scheduling of interviews between investors, securities companies, and listed companies in Japan. The interview scheduling service is used more than 20,000 times annually (FY2021 data among global investors and Japanese listed companies). We also provide IR support services to listed companies, including the provision of information on investors and support services for holding briefings in Japan.

Address: 1-8-1 Kayaba-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0025 Japan

President and CEO: Yuki Nakayasu

Establishment: June 2015

Business: Management of website “Minna no Setsumeikai (Briefing session for everyone)”



Minsetsu, Inc.

TEL: 81-3-6555-5332


Minsetsu, Inc.
TEL: 81-3-6555-5332