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The Movie “TRAVERSE”,Starring a Real Fighter Whose Theatrical Release in Japan was Canceled Midway Through COVID-19, is Now Available on Amazon in the US and UK.

In the old days when there was neither CG nor wire action, as in Akira Kurosawa’s “Seven Samurai,” Japanese action movies were called “Chambara” and boomed worldwide.

The movie “TRAVERSE” is a new type of film that revives the essence of the action movies of the 1970s without CG or wire action. It can be enjoyed in various ways by an audience who liked Japanese movies of that time and those who want to see action with substance.

 If you look at it from the perspective of som

The main character is a real martial arts karate fighter

This movie features a real martial arts karate expert as the main character. The realistic action, which could be expressed only by a genuine practitioner, allows the audience to experience “realistic” that simulates hitting the opponent.

The essence of “Chambara” movies

In the 1970s, Japanese films such as “Seven Samurai” and “Zatoichi” expressed the Japanese “A-Un”(harmonizing) style of action. And in the past, Japanese movies being paid homage were “Chambara” movies that expressed “Japaneseness”.


Jun Takanashi, a martial arts karate practitioner, lived a peaceful life with his journalist wife Aki. They had no children, but they adopted a little girl, Lina, and moved on as a happy family.

Then one day, something unbelievable happens to the three of them. Aki suddenly commits suicide.

In desperation, Jun shuts down his cherished art of karate. Rina is at a loss as to how to deal with her father, and the gap between the two only deepens.

However, Aki’s death triggers the evil forces to attack them mercilessly.

In order to protect Rina, Jun stands up for karate, a martial art that he had once sealed off.

Using all kinds of martial arts, Jun fights the invisible enemy with all his might.




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