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Industry Innovation with AI Fashion Platform “OpenFashion” New Project Using Generative AI Launched ~Community registration is also open~

Omnis Inc. (HQ: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Toru Ueda) launched its AI fashion platform “OpenFashion” on Tuesday, March 14. Many of the texts, images, sounds, and videos on the platform’s four websites were created by generative AI (ChatGPT, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, etc.).

About OpenFashion

With the remarkable growth of generative AI technologies, the fashion industry still has much potential for integration with AI and digital technologies for design, production automation, and enhanced customer experience using VR and AR.

An analysis of generative AI published by McKinsey & Company on March 8 this month* also states that “AI will meet consumer needs, increase creativity, and improve efficiency” and that “in the future Generative AI could create $150 billion to $275 billion in value for the fashion industry’s bottom line in three to five years,” and discusses its affinity with the fashion industry and the tremendous potential for market expansion.

※Generative AI: Unlocking the future of fashion

”OpenFashion” is a platform for developing various fashion-related services and brands, utilizing the latest technologies such as generative AI, virtual fashion, and web3. Combined with an online community, OpenFashion will fundamentally change the creative flow of fashion.

OpenFashion SHIN JIDAI Community

With the advent of generative AI, creators are entering a new era. The category of consumer will disappear, and people all over the world may make a great migration to become creators of some kind. OpenFashion SHIN JIDAI is a global community service specialized in the field of fashion that is focused on this new era.

Join OpenFashion SHIN JIDAI for free and get access to a wide range of brands and services currently offered by OpenFashion, as well as special offers and exclusive articles for the community. Please join OpenFashion SHIN JIDAI at the URL below.

The “OpenFashion” site, including the videos on the site, was created entirely using AI, and the procedure for creating the site is available in the article. We are also publishing a community-only article on how to use the latest generative AI. Please register as a member of our community to learn more about the behind-the-scenes fusion of technology and fashion.


・OpenFashion SHIN JIDAI Community Registration (Free)

Articles in Publication

How the OpenFashion website was created in collaboration with AI ”

※Community Only Articles※

Introducing AI tools, how to change the face of a fashion model that anyone can do in no time. ”

The latest articles will be updated as they become available, so please register with the community and wait for them.

Brands & Services to be offered

OpenFashion plans to offer services that combine the latest technology and fashion, as well as several contest-style events with great prizes, and OpenFashion SHIN JIDAI participants will receive exclusive access and other benefits.

acclerando – AI Fashion Brand

accelerando is a fashion brand that creates new collaborations through the interaction of three different brand concepts: an AI fashion brand, a virtual fashion brand, and an open source brand.

MaisonAI – AI Fashion Tools

MaisonAI is an AI support tool developed to assist in product planning, production, sales, promotion, and marketing in the fashion business. The generative AI automatically generates text and images to provide powerful business support. It will be available as both cloud and open source software.

AI Fashion Challenge – AI Fashion Design Contest

The AI Fashion Challenge aims to open up a new world of fashion by exploring the possibilities of fashion design using generative AI with creators from around the world.

・OpenFashion SHIN JIDAI Community Registration (Free)

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Omnis will further enliven and develop the fashion industry in the future by fusing the latest technology and fashion, and at the same time, provide users with a place for self-expression.