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Digital fashion label “1BLOCK” is the first in the World to collaborate with “Ghost In The Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX”

Based in Los Angeles, USA and Tokyo, Japan, 1SEC inc. (Headquartered in Meguro-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Hirokuni Miyaji; hereinafter “1SEC”) operates “1BLOCK”, a digital fashion label. Through this label, 1SEC has officially announced a collaboration with “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex” and their 3D NFT project “MetaSamurai” and the virtual sneaker NFT project “AIR SMOKE ZERO”.

The collaboration NFT collections with “Ghost In The Shell S.A.C.” and 1BLOCKʼs 3D NFT projects “MetaSamurai” and “AIR SMOKE ZERO” will be issued as one-of-a-kind NFTs. As the only one of its kind in the world, these NFTs will be valuable to passionate fans worldwide. Inspired by the soul and energy born from the counter-culture movement; a shared interest between 1BLOCK STUDIO and Ghost In The Shell, the design reflects the chaotic nature of Tokyo as a melting pot of various subcultures and questioning the essence of counter-culture in this fast-paced world.

Collection Overview

About the collection

①Ghost In The Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX X MetaSamurai

・number issued: 452

 ※all 1/1 designs


・ number issued: 21

 ※ all 1/1 designs

Release date︓end of March 2023 or later

※Details such as the URL and method for purchasing will be announced via 1BLOCK Discord server.

※1BLOCK Discord︓

〜Free participation campaigns will also be available.〜


©Shirow Masamune・Production I.G/KODANSHA All Rights Reserved.

About “Ghost In The Shell STAND ALONE COMPLEX”

In 1995, “Ghost in the Shell,” a world-renowned manga by Masamune

Shirow, was adapted into an animated feature film of the same title. The following year, the film achieved No. 1 on Billboard magazine’s video chart in the U.S. and had a profound impact on numerous Hollywood movies. Seven years later, in response to both national and global expectations for a sequel, the TV series “Ghost In The Shell: STAND 

ALONE COMPLEX” was born.

The plot focuses on the drama surrounding a character called “Laughing Man” in a standalone episodic style and minimal esoteric elements that are common in science fiction.

About “1BLOCK”

1BLOCK, a digital fashion label based in L. A. and Tokyo, develops and operates web3 projects. 1BLOCK’s 3D avatar collection MetaSamurai ranked 1st place for the world’s total NFT transaction volume on the worldclass NFT marketplace, Opensea. It also operates one of the largest digital fashion communities in Japan.

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About “MetaSamurai”

“MetaSamurai” is 1BLOCK’s utility-heavy NFT project with unlimited possibilities. It consists of 3,333 3DCG avatars, all 1/1 unique designs. It was temporarily ranked #1 worldwide on the world’s largest NFT marketplace.



“AIR SMOKE ZERO” is Japan’s first virtual sneaker brand. With a minimum value of approximately 1.2 million yen per pair, it has been gaining significant attention for its collaborations with leading artists, creators, and popular anime IPs.

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About “1BLOCK LAB”

By applying the knowledge and experiences gained through operating 1BLOCK and its NFT projects, 1SEC provides 1BLOCK LAB, a consultation service for companies, IP holders and new business developers who are considering starting web3 related businesses.. Specifically, this service provides total support for building an NFT-related business; from planning, designing NFTs with original contracts, distribution to sales. 1BLOCK LAB aims to develop projects that are expected to generate mid- to long-term synergies with various assets developed by 1BLOCK and includes incentives for NFT holders. In addition, our “AI Human LAB” is developing high-end virtual human technology using physicsbased real-time graphics and state-of-the-art voice recognition AI, video recognition AI, and specialized dialogue AI, looking ahead to XR synergies.


METADRIP is a smartphone app available on the App Store that allows users to wear/experience digital assets, including 3DCG NFTs, via AR (augmented reality) through their smartphone cameras. In the future, the lineup of digital assets will increase, and only NFT holders will be able to wear/experience their digital assets. METADRIP” adds a new layer of practicality to digital assets and enables wearability through AR technology, connecting with brands and creators of all kinds and facilitating mass adoption.

App Store(iOS)︓

 ※available for iPhone-xs onwards


Company Profile

Company name︓1SEC inc. CEO︓Hirokuni Miyaji

Location︓【U.S.A.】1541 Ocean Avenue , Santa monica CA, US 【Japan】6F STUMPS Ikejiri Ohashi, 1-6-13 Ohashi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 

Establishment︓Jan. 2019

Capital︓277,460,000 JPY