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Asmarq launches the “i-PORT Channel ”, a platform for unlimited interview contents

Asmarq Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of a new content, “i-PORT Channel”, where all qualitative interview videos using the company’s online interview system “i-PORT Voice” can be viewed for free.

i-PORT Channel

Asmarq has been conducting voluntary interview surveys with its own monitors based on various marketing challenges and requests received from customers on a daily basis.The “i-PORT Channel” is a new content that allows marketers to watch all these interview survey videos for free.

The published surveys are all conducted in an online format using Asmarq’s online interview system ‘i-PORT Voice’ and are primarily meant to be listened from a qualitative perspective, focusing on in-depth interviews such as ethnographic surveys. In the video viewers can also see the actual moderators and participants.

The “i-PORT Channel” offers a large volume of interviews regarding different topics such as: decision making for household purchases, ethnographic of cooking, opportunity for buying a detached house, ethnology of driving space,…etc

The “i-PORT Channel”will be releasing contents regularly and will also be focusing on Generation Z topics in the near future.

About Asmarq

Asmarq has been providing marketing research to a wide range of industries for over 20 years. Its monitor membership currently exceeds 900,000 people. We handle over 6,000 cases every year.

Asmarq is actively expanding its research areas on a global scale. It has diversified its research areas and boasts a proficient team of experts worldwide. Consisting of bilingual and trilingual professionals, they leverage their expertise to deliver top-notch research data on a daily basis. Collaborating with partner companies across various countries, Asmarq ensures reliable and high-quality research outcomes.

Alongside with the announcement of the “i-PORT Channel”, Asmarq has completely revamped its corporate website in order to further strengthen its research service system and business expansion. In addition, the company have prepared numerous web contents and completely improved the website to make it more intuitive for all users.

Points of renewal

Expansion of domestic research data in Japan

Asmarq regularly conducts web questionnaire surveys mainly targeting its own monitor in Japan. This time the company have further expanded its unique range of self-conducted questionnaire survey results for website renewal.

New design with significantly improved UI/UX

In addition to the release and expansion of new content, Asmarq’s global research site has undergone a complete UI/UX overhaul with a focus on usability and visibility. The team has improved visibility and operability by revising the placement of menu buttons and guides, as well as presenting a simple yet stylish screen that allows users to understand information at a glance.

Asmarq has further strengthened its acceptance system on the site to respond to marketing research from various countries around the world, in order to help businesses to succed in the Japan market.

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