Street Fighter 6 Showcase Announces Final Details, Demo, and Future Fighters

The latest from Street Fighter 6 has been revealed in a brand new Showcase! Watch now for an in-depth view of the three main game modes “World Tour”, “Battle Hub”, and “Fighting Ground”, along with the planned new Fighter additions for Year 1, and details about the official demo!

[SF6 Showcase Video Link]

World Tour

World Tour is a single-player immersive story mode where players can create their own custom avatar to experience an overarching mystery with support from the iconic Masters, built to redefine the scope of what a traditional fighting game is by incorporating immersive RPG elements.

Battle Hub

In Battle Hub, you’ll be able to use your customized avatar and let them loose in Avatar Battles against other players online; the only limit to your fights is your own imagination! Fighters can also create Clubs in the Battle Hub to find like-minded players. Invite your friends and form your very own Street Fighter crew!

Fighting Ground

This classic mode has added many innovative new features, including but not limited to the Battle Damage feature, new Sound Accessibility features, new Control Types, and new battle modes such as Extreme Battle, where you can create fun, gimmicky battles fit for a casual setting. Ranked Match and Custom Room features have also been massively improved for easy access and better enjoyment.

Year 1 Characters Revealed

Four fighters join the Street Fighter 6 roster in the first year after launch! Rashid is coming in Summer 2023, A.K.I. in Autumn 2023, Ed in early Winter 2024, and finally Akuma in Spring 2024. They’re also included in the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions of Street Fighter 6, now available for pre-order.

[Official Website Link]

Your Moment. Your Demo.

The free Street Fighter 6 Demo is available now on PlayStation®5 and PlayStation® 4! It goes live for Xbox Series X|S and Steam on 26th April, 2023. Learn basic battle mechanics from the Tutorial, practice Luke and Ryu’s moves in the Character Guide, and dip a toe into the first few moments of World Tour where you can create your customized avatar. The demo will only give a small peek at the gargantuan experience that is the full game, but your custom avatar appearance can be transferred to the full game of the same platform once it releases.

Watch the Street Fighter 6 Showcase and prepare to hit the streets! Street Fighter 6 launches on 2nd June, 2023 for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Steam!

Demo available now!

[Demo Download Link]