Craftopia’s Massive Major Update “Seamless World Update” Scheduled to Release on June, 2023

TOKYO, Japan – May 20, 2023 – Craftopia, a multiplayer open-world survival action game developed by Pocketpair, is scheduled to release its long awaited “Seamless World Update” on June, 2023.

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With this Seamless World Update, the entire world has been rebuilt into a larger seamless map with various biomes to explore, in order to provide players with more open-world experiences. When it comes to multiplayer, players will have the freedom to explore and build together within one massive world. The update will also bring new terrain and biomes, a variety of explorable locations such as colonies and ruins that breathe life into the large connected map, improved mobs’ AI, improved combat systems, and much more.

In the trailer for the update, you can see some of the new locations, new mobs, and the improved combat systems. Please see it for yourself.

Embark on a journey full of excitement and surprises in the world of Craftopia. Gather crafting materials by chopping down trees, mining stone, hunting animals and monsters, and looting from dungeons and ruins to craft a wide variety of items from weapons and armor to consumable potions. Deploy powered machines to automate crafting, and explore the world while your automated base does the work for you.

Face challenges such as dungeon trials and hostile bosses and utilize a variety of skills and combinations of enchantments to overcome them. Dodge enemies’ attack with swift move skills and counter-attack with abilities in action based combat. Loot bosses’ specific materials to craft equipment that can be used to activate abilities in addition to the skills learned from categorized skill trees.

Plant seeds and water them to harvest crops. Overcome starvation and survive under harsh environments where unbearable chills, neverending heat, and enemies’ ambush could be fatal. Build a pleasant home or build a fortress with materials found in wilderness to start a civilized life.

Craftopia has been developed and updated since its launch in Sep. 2020 and has become popular for its freedom of gameplay that allows users to express their imagination within the game. Craftopia has sold over 1 million units worldwide as an open-world survival crafting game full of various elements. The game has been available on Steam since Sept. 4, 2020, in English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese for $24.99.

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About Pocketpair

Pocketpair, Inc., founded in 2015 by Takuro Mizobe, is a game development company located in Tokyo, Japan. Pocketpair has been developing open world survival video games such as Craftopia and Palworld, and has been globally publishing mainly for Steam.

For more information on Pocketpair, please visit the official website.