Dive Into “BlazBlue Entropy Effect” – Now Live with a 12% Launch Discount!

BlazBlue Entropy Effect is here! Dive into this captivating 2D side-scrolling Roguelite, a derivative work of BlazBlue, now live on Steam and priced at $19.99 USD. Grab it with a limited-time 12% off discount for the first week.

Game Overview:

– Title: BlazBlue Entropy Effect

– Early Access Release Date: August 16th, 2023 (UTC+8)

– Regular Price: $19.99 USD

– Discount: 12% off till August 22nd

– Platform: Steam

– Genre: Action Roguelite

– Players: Single-player

– Supported Languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese

– Steam Page:

The Legacy of BlazBlue:

BlazBlue is a 2D Fighting game, developed, and released by Arc System Works.

The first entry of the series, BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger, was released in Japan arcades in 2008. It has since been ported over to consoles and released worldwide, gaining international recognition and fans around the globe.

Roguelite Action Game Merging Side-scrolling Adventures with Metroidvania Exploration

The current version features four themed stages, namely “Night City, Ruins, Research Base, and Sakura City,” along with a procedurally generated large Metroidvania map known as “Omega Space.”

Each stage boasts unique environments packed with distinct enemies and randomized boss encounters. After clearing the initial three stages, players dive into the exploration map “Omega Space”, which regenerates with each run.

“Omega Space” presents varied terrains and mechanisms, coupled with the onslaught of foes, ramping up the game’s difficulty. Players can build characters in their own way, refine their combat strategies, and immerse themselves in the game’s unique blend of Roguelite × Action.

4 unique Themed Side-scrolling 

The exploration map “Omega Space”, which regenerates with each run.

Seven Characters, Each with a Distinct Style

The diverse character roster is the heart of “BlazBlue: Entropy Effect,” setting it apart from side-scrolling action games with limited playable characters.

For the first release of Early Access, there are 7 characters available: Ragna, Hibiki, Mai, Hakumen, Noel, Kokonoe, Λ-No.11-.


Hibiki wields daggers and throws darts, adept at launching surprise attacks from behind. He is capable of dismantling enemies with a flurry of rapid strikes.


Hakumen boasts formidable attack power and exceptional blocking and counter capabilities. Despite the slow movement, his swift slashes can slay his enemies in an instant.


Capable of twirling up a cyclone, and employing frequent and ranged attacks, Mai attacks by throwing and retrieving the spear, thrusting to repel enemies, and swinging potently for wide-range, high-speed slashes.


Capable of launching remote multi-hit combos with a myriad of blades summoned from another dimension. She excels at launching wide-range attacks and controlling the battlefield while creating visually stunning spectacles.


Executes powerful sword techniques at the cost of his own health, while recovering HP by attacking enemies.


Adept at crafting components, traps, and high-tech weaponry including rockets and lasers. She is proficient at weaving an escape-proof net of destruction on the battlefield that deals devastating damage.


Possesses an impressive arsenal of firepower, and exceptional airborne maneuverability. She excels in combining various firearms for coordinated assaults, obliterating enemies with nimble and rapid strikes.

Character Enhancement: Over 100 Potentials and 200+ Tactics

As the game progresses, each character starts as a Prototype that can be augmented obtaining Potentials and Tactics. While Potentials enhance a character’s action abilities, Tactics provide Prototypes with various elemental attack forms. The Early Access version incorporates over 100 Potentials and more than 200 Tactics.

Players can also carry over data from the enhanced Prototypes, allowing them to customize other characters with the skills of the enhanced one. 

Such diverse enhancement routes and customizations inspire repeated gameplay.

(Potential Selection)

(Tactic Selection)

Advanced Mode

The game features 10 bosses, each with unique mechanics, and over 50 distinct enemies. For hardcore gamers seeking the utmost challenge, an Advanced Training Mode has been included. This mode, unlockable after completing the game on standard difficulty, elevates the challenge.

In this mode, enemies are more aggressive and attack more often. Bosses morph into evolved forms with new mechanics. Only players with precise decision-making and adept gameplay can hope to survive and triumph in this high-difficulty setting.

(Hardcore Mode)

The main story unfolds primarily through dialogue choices, with different decisions shaping the narrative’s direction. As players delve deeper, what initially appears as a subtle plot gradually emerges, touching upon themes of mission, trust, and salvation. Players will be faced with numerous dialogue decisions, which will determine the storyline’s direction and ending, crafting an immersive and memorable journey. 

Within the battles, players can obtain “Phenomena Fragments”. Collecting these “Phenomena Fragments” gradually reveals the hidden truths. By assembling these Fragments, players can access special videos to dive deeper into the game’s lore.

91Act has ambitious plans for BlazBlue Entropy Effect. With the game in Early Access, they’ve already mapped out robust content for the current version and upcoming updates. Two free DLCs are scheduled for September and November, further introducing 2 brand-new characters, and advancing the epic tale. The game’s full launch is slated for early 2024, promising even more characters, a multi-ending narrative, and thrilling new modes.

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