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Nissan launches 553 hours of livestream showing the future of mobility

Showcasing concept cars for Japan Mobility Show in a new way

YOKOHAMA, Japan —  In the lead up to the Japan Mobility Show in Tokyo later this month, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. is revealing a series of exciting, futuristic, all-electric concept vehicles from today, starting with the Nissan Hyper Urban.

To build excitement towards the show, an unprecedented approach will be taken to unveil concept cars, using a 24-hour YouTube music livestream that will run over 23 days, totaling 553 hours. It will broadcast Nissans’ vision of future mobility using EV concept cars with the backdrop of near-future Tokyo.

The livestreaming will feature Lo-Fi music from six up-and-coming artists active in Japan and overseas who created their tracks based on the theme “AI enhancing creativity possibilities”. A new concept car will appear in this channel one by one each week until the show’s press day on October 25.

The name of each concept car in the series features the word hyper to express the heightened excitement they aim to bring. Each concept is represented by a symbolic character and has custom-tailored features that add value to unique lifestyles and diverse aspirations. In the livestream, the symbolic character called Yuki, designed by anime artist Asuka Dokai, enjoys the on-board experience in one of the concept cars.

For more information on JMS2023, about the concept cars, the YouTube channel, artists and the symbolic character designer, click below.


Livestream title: “Chill beats for a night drive with Nissan”

YouTube URL:

YouTube live streaming will be open from Oct. 2, 17:00 to Oct. 25, 18:00 (JST).

Reveal dates:

1 – Oct. 3. Nissan Hyper Urban

2 – Oct. 10 (to be announced)

3 – Oct. 17 (to be announced)

4 – Oct. 19 (to be announced)

Nissan Japan Mobility Show special website:

Nissan Global Newsroom: