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BAUM Expands Luxury Horizon: Grand Unveiling of Duty-Free Store at Kansai International Airport on December 5, 2023

All customers who experience the product at the store will receive a sample set as a gift

TOKYO, Dec. 5, 2023 — BAUM, a skin and mind brand under the theme of “Symbiosis with Trees,” will open its first duty free store in the airport on December 5, 2023 (Tuesday), in the renovated and renewed international departure area of Kansai International Airport Terminal 1 building. The counter of BAUM is decorated with oak wood, which is also used for wooden parts of the products, to create a space where customers can relax and experience the products while feeling the comfort and warmth of trees.

Store Information

Location: 2nd floor, Kansai International Airport,1 SenshuKuko-Minami, Sennan City, Osaka Prefecture
Business hours: 7:30AM-0:30 AM (JST) 
*Business hours are subject to change depending on flight conditions.


Duty Free Store Exclusive Products

Special sets available only at duty free stores.
*Since the quantity is limited, the offer will end as soon as they are gone.



FOREST BATHING SKINCARE SET ®︎ includes Aromatic Room Spray, Hydro Essence Lotion, Moisturizing Oil, and Eco Bag M.

It gives you the pleasant feeling to take care of skin while being surrounded by the scent of trees. Customers can choose a scent of Room Spray of your preference from 3 different scents.

SKINCARE SET: 14,500 yen


The SKINCARE SET includes Hydro Essence Lotion and Moisturizing Oil with a Gift Bag S.

The set delivers the freshness of trees to skin.

Gift Campaign

Original notebook
Purchases of 18,000 yen or more will receive an original notebook made from natural trees and a sample set.
*Since quantities are limited, and will end as soon as they are gone.

Receive gifts in the duty free shops

Sample Set

All visitors to the BAUM counter of KIX DUTY FREE SHOP will receive a sample set.
*Since quantities are limited, this offer will end as soon as they are gone.

Visit and get free samples

About BAUM

BAUM, a skin and mind brand with the theme of “Symbiosis with Trees,” was born in June 2020. With the message “Trees give us the beginning of a beautiful world,” BAUM is a brand that accepts and appreciates the blessings of trees in all their glory, and aims to pass on tree resources to the future. The brand will also make choices in product packaging and storefronts with an awareness of sustainable cycles.

Official Site for BAUM Duty Free Shops (scheduled to be released on December 22nd):
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