Game Technology

“Ememe” Generative AI-NPC Life Simulation Sandbox for OTAKU! Wishlist is open for Early Access Ver in Steam & EpicGames

~ Create fave’s AI Reality Show with Automated Anime ~

Ememe K.K. announces the development of an AI-NPC sandbox game with the use of generative AI to simulate character behavior and automatically generate 3D animations.



Generate NPC Life: Ememe is a town where AI characters live freely

Generate Daily Life

With generative AI technology, NPCs (Non-Player Characters) autonomously engage in conversations, take actions, build relationships between characters, and live their everyday lives as they please. You can create a reality drama with AI characters, as if it were the Truman Show, by creating new AI characters living in this town, setting their personalities, and sometimes intervening in their actions.


Chat-to-Anime AI: Automatic generation of body and facial expressions

NPC conversations are generated in real-time by LLM. And animations, too! 

Using our proprietary technology, AI predicts and outputs appropriate facial expressions and body animations from over 1,000 motion data options based on conversations and schedules. Your character will come to life, laugh, dance, and automatically output 3D animations without the need for complex development techniques.

Wishlist registration is now open on Steam and Epic Games Store

The Early Access version will be available in the summer of 2024. You can access the latest information by subscribing to the wishlist for Early access.



Our vision

Ememe aims to be a new AI-driven storytelling platform.

In the next development phase, we plan to transform Ememe Town into an open-world, where a multitude of NPCs coexist. Additionally, we provide users with tools to develop various multiplayer events (game missions) taking place in the town.

— Ememe is creating an actively engaging storytelling experience that goes one step further from traditional storytelling mediums such as novels, movies, or conventional games. 

(CEO Yuka Kojima)