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Toratani Co., Ltd. Unveils Groundbreaking “Virtuous Circulation Pillow and Mattress” with Patented Technology for Enhanced Deep Breathing Experience

New sleeping solutions that facilitate deeper breathing, improve sleep quality, and bring health benefits

TOKYO — Toratani Co., Ltd. (Kahoku City, Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan) has announced the launch of their innovative Toratani Virtuous Circulation Mattress and Pillow in December 2023. These groundbreaking sleep solutions, comprising both a mattress and a pillow, leverage the pressure exerted by the body to facilitate a natural slowing and deepening of the breath during sleep. They are designed to reduce the risk of snoring and sleep apnea, stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, and ultimately enhance sleep quality, allowing individuals to enjoy the health benefits of deep breathing while they sleep. The set has secured five patents in Japan and is currently pending a PCT patent application. Plans for international patent applications are also underway.

The set of Toratani Virtuous Circulation Mattress and Pillow is designed to reduce the risk of snoring and sleep apnea, stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, and ultimately enhance sleep quality, allowing individuals to enjoy the health benefits of deep breathing while they sleep.

About Toratani Virtuous Circulation Mattress and Pillow


The Toratani Virtuous Circulation Mattress and Pillow feature a three-dimensional structure that lowers body sections that suppress breathing and elevates those that facilitate it, fostering a natural and deeper breathing pattern. This design encourages users to breathe slowly and deeply, enabling them to benefit from improved sleep onset and restful breathing throughout the night.


Width 95 cm: 700,000 yen

Width 120 cm: 840,000 yen

Width 140 cm: 1,050,000 yen

Development Background

It has been discovered that the close-fitting nature of urethane pillows and mattresses, which have become mainstream recently, significantly restricts the movement of bones and muscles critical for breathing, thus making breathing more fragile. While various factors have been implicated in the onset of insomnia, including lifestyle and stress, we believe that compromised breathing plays a substantial role by triggering an elevated sympathetic nervous response, resulting in bodily arousal and agitation.

Although it is feasible to consciously deepen one’s breathing, it is impossible to augment the unconscious breathing that occurs during sleep. Yet, Toratani has developed the world’s first technology that naturally deepens breathing while asleep and enhances overall health.

It is estimated that globally, there are 400 million individuals who require treatment for sleep apnea syndrome, with a greater number suffering from shallow breathing during sleep. Insufficient oxygenation of cells due to shallow breathing escalates the risk of conditions such as dementia and Parkinson’s. It also activates the sympathetic nervous system, leading to increased bodily arousal and agitation that disrupts sleep. Our Toratani Virtuous Circulation Mattress and Pillow can reduce the risk of apnea and offer health benefits by facilitating slow and deep breathing during sleep. We are optimistic that this technology will make a contribution to the resolution of sleep issues worldwide. Currently, we are seeking sales partners in various nations.

Health Benefits of Slow and Deep Breathing

The depth of breathing influences the state of the autonomic nervous system and the internal environment of the body. For example, sleep with deep breathing stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, and this results in the dilation of capillaries, increased blood flow, and, through the Bohr effect, an enhancement in cellular vitality by facilitating oxygen delivery to cells. It also leads to a reduction in blood pressure and heart rate, contributing to an environment conducive to sleep. Furthermore, by maintaining the balance of the autonomic nervous system, it helps normalize hormonal and immune functions, fostering robust homeostasis and improved health.

Sleep is regarded as the most precious time for the regeneration and repair of brain neurons and all other cells, and for the enhancement of metabolism and autophagy. Deep breathing during sleep ensures that all cells receive ample oxygen, bolsters cellular vitality, and thus helps achieve the goals of sleep.

Conversely, shallow and rapid breathing does the exact opposite, stimulating the sympathetic nervous system. This can result in sleep disorders and a deficiency in cellular oxygen, weakening cellular function, disrupting the autonomic balance, destabilizing homeostasis, accelerating the progression of diseases and aging, and posing significant health risks.

Major Causes of Sleep Disorders

We believe that the pressure exerted by pillows and mattresses diminishes the effectiveness of breathing and stimulates the sympathetic nervous system. This observation has yet to be recognized globally.

Breathing involves the concerted effort of the respiratory skeleton [head, spine, ribs, pelvic sacrum] and respiratory muscles [sternocleidomastoid, oblique muscles, superior posterior serratus, inferior posterior serratus, quadratus lumborum, etc.] to move the diaphragm up and down, facilitating ventilation in the lungs. The greater the vertical diaphragmatic motion, the deeper the breath. While standing, the respiratory skeleton and muscles are free from pressure, allowing for easier breathing. In contrast, lying down subjects the respiratory skeleton and muscles to pressure, impeding their movement.

Toratani Virtuous Circulation Mattress and Pillow – Product Overview

Our mattress features a three-dimensional structure that naturally deepens breathing by lowering the body sections that suppress breathing and elevating those that facilitate it. This design ensures an optimal S-curve of the spine, reducing stress on the lower back, fostering longer and natural breaths that aid in quicker sleep onset and enhanced sleep quality. The soft urethane’s three-dimensional structure fits comfortably to the body, enabling a restful night’s sleep.

Our pillow is designed to alleviate pressure on the four key respiratory muscles in the neck and head, maintaining a stable angle for effortless breathing. It prevents the cervical spine from compressing the airway and avoids the descent of the tongue’s root, allowing for consistent and long breaths. This patented technology not only prevents apnea but also negates the necessity for cumbersome CPAPP devices.

Comparison of Breathing Rates between Conventional Mattress/Pillow and Our Mattress/Pillow

A study using a medical respiratory measurement device on 20 individuals aged over 40 showed that breathing rates decreased from 16.8 breaths per minute to 11.7 breaths per minute. This confirms that our product facilitates deeper and slower breathing.

Company Profile
Company name: Toratani Co., Ltd.
Representative: CEO Ikuo Toratani
Location: 6-4, Matsuhama-Ha, Kahoku City, Ishikawa Prefecture, 929-1172, Japan
Established: September 2001
Areas of Business: Sales of underwear and bedding-related products
Capital: 20 million yen

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