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Seiji Kawajiri contributes funding for “NAKED Sakura Festival 2024: World Heritage Site Nijo-jo Castle”.

Seiji Kawariji was involved with the funding towards the “NAKED Sakura Festival 2024: World Heritage Site Nijo-jo Castle”.

Nijo-jo Castle is one of the most iconic cherry blossom viewing spots in Kyoto, and is loved by people from all over the world for its approximate 300 Japanese cherry trees, architectural masterpieces, and Japanese gardens designated as national treasures and important cultural properties.

Due to the fact that a Kawajiri name corporation is located in Kyoto City, Kawajiri’s activities as a new-generation gallerist focus on promoting Kyoto’s culture and art, which includes the support of NAKED’s annual nighttime cherry blossom festivities at Nijo-jo Castle. Through this art event, which brings together the World Heritage Site, real cherry blossoms, and NAKED’s artworks, we aim to deliver a grand stage that shines light on traditional Japanese culture and art found in Kyoto.

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Important Cultural Property: Karamon Gate Projection Mapping “Sakura-bayashi”

Minami-mon Gate Light-Up

Cherry Grove Sakura Illuminations “Hanakagari no Sono”

Inner Moat Projection Mapping Show “Sakurazukiyo-ezu”

Koun-tei Light-Up

Seiryu-en Garden Sakura Illuminations “Ouka-ranman”

  Daidokoro-mae Area Projection Mapping, Food & Beverage Area “Hanamori no Utage”

Daidokoro-mae Area Projection Mapping, Food & Beverage Area “Hanamori no Utage”

 NAKED Distance Lanterns(R)

NAKED Hanamikuji(R)


Founder of the KAWAJIRI FOUNDATION, a public interest incorporated association, which offers scholarships to support university students who excel academically but have difficulty affording tuition. Kawajiri also supports the DANDELION PROJECT, an art initiative that connects locations and people around world, and has contributed to the establishment of tHE GALLERY HARAJUKU. As an active new-generation gallerist, he supports artists who are leading the latest trends in the arts and culture. Guided by the principle of “making the world a better place,” he is active in the fields such as education, arts & culture, food, and more.

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