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Roga Sake Used for Toast at Luncheon Hosted by Secretary Blinken and Vice President Harris in Honor of Japanese PM Kishida.

Yaegaki Corporation of USA proudly announces that Roga, its premium California brewed craft sake label, was used for the toast at a luncheon hosted by Secretary Blinken and Vice President Harris to welcome Japanese Prime Minister Kishida.

Roga is a second-generation sake label with a mission to introduce high-quality domestic US sake for everyone to enjoy. Born with this mission, Roga embodies the tradition and excellence of Japanese sake craftsmanship, offering a taste that transcends borders and cultures.

Yaegaki is honored that Roga was selected for such a prestigious occasion, underscoring the brewery’s commitment to sharing the finest quality sake with the world. As Yaegaki continues its mission, the company looks forward to bringing the excellence and diversity of Japanese sake to even more people.

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