“Ao Oni” to be released for Nintendo Switch™ and Steam on Fri. 7/26

Legendary horror game that was a huge hit in Japan is now available worldwide in 10 languages!

GameStudio Inc. is pleased to announce that GameStudio Inc. (Main branch: Tokyo-to, Minato Ward, CEO: Seiji Iwatate) and LiTMUS Co., Ltd. (Main Branch: Tokyo-to, Minato Ward, President: Soichiro Kuwamura) are going to release the 2004 breakaway hit horror puzzle action adventure “Ao Oni” for the Nintendo Swich™ and the game distribution service Steam® on 7/26 (Fri.) 2024.

In this version, the developers have added the new game mode “Ao Oni -Ai’s Story-” which features the new character “Ai,” as well as the first official implementation of a “High Speed Mode,” allowing the player to increase the speed of gameplay from 2x to up to 15x the game’s normal speed. The dev team has ensured that both new players and those who’ve already cleared the game can enjoy this latest version. This game is also localized into ten languages, so not only fans in Japan, but fans all over the world can enjoy this release as well.

Prior to the release of the game on Fri. 7/26, GameStudio Inc. will be giving away Steam® codes to 1,000 gaming influencers in a drawing. Take this opportunity to experience “Ao Oni” as soon as possible.

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For those who wish to play the game, please apply using the dedicated application form.
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7/21 (Sun.) 2024.

After a strict drawing of lots, only the winners will receive a Steam® code to download “Ao Oni” to their e-mail address.

About Ao Oni
The adolescent protagonist “Hiroshi” and his friends set foot in an abandoned mansion out of curiosity. As the horrific blue creature that dwells within that mansion begins to prey on him and his friends, Hiroshi must flee from the Ao Oni that persistently hunts him while exploring the mansion and solving puzzles in order to escape, however…

The player will control “Hiroshi”, solving puzzle after puzzle to escape the mansion while running from the Ao Oni.

About the new game “Ao Oni -Ai’s Story-”

Invited by her friend Mika, Ai goes to see the mansion rumored in her town to be a haunted house. However, when she comes to she finds that Mika is nowhere to be seen, and she is trapped all alone in the mansion where the Ao Oni dwells. Now she must explore unsettling labyrinthine rooms that change every time she enters them and find the “key to her escape” in order to return alive.

The player will control “Ai” and search for the key to their escape as they run from the Ao Oni in a mansion whose structure changes every time it’s entered. Because the mansion’s structure is constantly changing like this, players can enjoy replaying the game even after beating it once.

The New Character “Ai”

Ai is a calm-natured teenage girl who is friends with Mika. She has had an affinity for reading and learning since she was a young girl, and enjoys difficult puzzles and mystery novels. Although reluctant, she ended up visiting the haunted house when she was roped into it, half against her will, by her friend Mika. Unbeknownst to her, that house was the mansion in which the Ao Oni prowls…

Official High Speed Mode

For the first time, the dev team has implemented a “High Speed Mode” for the enjoyment of those who have cleared the game, streamers, and “let’s play” creators. It is even possible to challenge the game with the highest speed ever of “15x.”

“Ao Oni” Game Overview

The four protagonists, “Hiroshi,” “Takeshi,” “Mika,” and “Takuro,” step foot in the abandoned mansion out of curiosity.

Now, the player must escape from the mansion by solving the puzzles hidden throughout it, all while running away from the Ao Oni.

“Ao Oni -Ai’s Story-” Game Overview

Half against her will, Ai was roped into going to the suspicious mansion by her friend Mika, but Mika was suddenly nowhere to be seen.

There are three possible ending scenarios in total.

Product Information

Title: “Ao Oni”

Genre: Horror Puzzle Action Adventure

Release Platforms: Nintendo Switch™, PC (Steam®)

Player Count: Single-player

Release Date: 7/26 (Fri.) 2024

Supported Languages: English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Korean, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian.

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