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Kochi, Japan is letting the world know about the Yosakoi Dance through the “Yosakoi Makes the World Smile” video series

Kochi Prefecture (Japan) has released three videos aimed at showing people around the world the appeal of the Yosakoi dance festival, which originated in the prefecture.

1. “The Birthplace of Yosakoi: Kochi, Japan” (90 seconds)
Introducing the colorful and beautiful scenery of Kochi Prefecture, the birthplace of Yosakoi, and the rich of local culture.
2. “Yosakoi Makes the World Smile” (90 seconds)
People from 29 countries and regions worldwide dance Yosakoi, bringing smiles to the world.
3. “Yosakoi Remix – Remixed by DJ KAORI” (120 seconds)
DJ KAORI, an international artist and Kochi Prefecture native based in the United States and Japan introduces Yosakoi.
The COVID-19 pandemic has spread worldwide, and we have no choice but to stay indoors. Yet even while stuck at home, you can experience both Yosakoi and the beautiful scenery and local culture of Kochi Prefecture, the birthplace of Yosakoi. These videos were created to share the smiles and messages of the Yosakoi Dance Network dancers, from 29 countries and regions worldwide.
About Kochi Prefecture
Located in the Shikoku region of Japan, Kochi is a warm climate tourist destination, surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and steep mountains.
Its nature consists of rivers (Shimanto River, Niyodo River) containing some of the best water quality in Japan and geological features (Muroto UNESCO Global Geopark, Ashizuri-Uwakai National Park, Shikoku Karst), and panoramas of beautiful scenery.
About Yosakoi
The Yosakoi Festival, is one of the country’s most famous festivals. Variations of this festival are held in over 200 locations in Japan and 29 countries/regions.  It is a dance festival where dancers hold Naruko (wooden clappers), in both hands and dance to original choreography and music that incorporates Japanese traditional dance and other motifs.
International Tourism Division, Kochi Prefectural Government

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