Bringing Action Platformer to New Heights – BlazBlue Entropy Effect

What makes an exceptional action game?

Skill expression? Handling and controls? Or perhaps audio-visual stimulations? From my experience, it’s just two words, “flamboyant” and “cool”.

Cool special effects, flamboyant moves and combos, finely polished controls and action feedback… these are all core elements that make a good action game. And BlazBlue Entropy Effect embodies these qualities and more. This action roguelite game, set to hit Steam with its V1.0 official release on January 31st, takes the action platformer genre to brand-new heights.

Flamboyant Action

Every character in BlazBlue Entropy Effect has clearly undergone meticulous design, boasting a unique attack pattern and an array of flamboyant moves. Before even getting into the specifics and mechanics of the game, the moment you pick it up and you’ll certainly find yourself exclaiming, “okay, now THAT was cool!”

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Whether it’s the akimbo girl, the samurai, or the bishoujo brandishing a sword twi

ce her size… every character in BlazBlue Entropy Effect possesses a distinct design and jaw-dropping moves that set them apart.

 But the game offers even more. As you dive into the depths of its roguelite mechanics, you’ll discover its essence that stands out from titles the genre, such as Dead Cells and Hades. Finding freedom away from the traditional build system, BlazBlue Entropy Effect isn’t confined to a single character or a weapon system.

Multi-Character Options x Diverse Movesets

BlazBlue Entropy Effect offers a wide selection of 10 characters right from the get-go and an upgrade system that directs players’ attention to each character’s exclusive movesets. With dozens of potentials waiting to be unlocked, players are constantly motivated to explore and experiment with different playstyles: AoE attacks, fast-hit combos, or great mobility, try em all!

In combat, your initial character will undergo an exciting transformation, evolving from a novice with basic attack moves into a formidable super fighter capable of executing flashy movesets! What’s even more thrilling is that your character build can differ in each round, ensuring a unique and captivating experience. However, there is one constant that remains throughout—the undeniable coolness that every character displays.

“Movesets” Are the Best Moves

If you have fully mastered all the moves of a character, it’s time for an awe-inspiring performance. BlazBlue Entropy Effect takes the refined and optimized moveset experience from fighting games and blends it seamlessly into an action roguelite system, delivering both button-pressing excitement and easy accessibility. Once you’ve become proficient in all the character builds, prepare to become addicted to the mind-blowing and flashy combos—it’s an experience you just can’t get enough of!

For players seeking a cool and seamless combat experience, BlazBlue Entropy Effect will be the game for you with action designs both exceptional and easy to get into.

Featuring a dazzling array of 10 characters at the official launch, over 300 character Potentials, finely polished moves, stunning animations, and seamless movesets, BlazBlue Entropy Effect is introducing us to an entirely new facet of the action platformer genre.

The game is currently offering a special discount for its official release at $17.15 – a lot offered for such a price. Don’t miss out!

Check out BlazBlue Entropy Effect now on Steam:

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