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Couples Capture Impressive Moments in Traditional Japanese Wedding Costumes during Photo Shoot

TIG Dress Tokyo is thrilled to announce the launch of the exclusive “COUPLES KIMONO SHOOTING“, a premier service inviting couples to immerse themselves in the beauty of traditional Japanese wedding attire. Within a mere 30 minutes, participants can adorn themselves in vibrant wedding kimonos, pristine white kimonos, or the distinguished montsuki hakama. Once transformed, they will have the opportunity to capture their love through a professional photo session, set against the charming backdrop of Kinshicho’s urban scenery or within the elegant confines of the studio in Tokyo. 

For over two decades, TIG Dress Tokyo has proudly offered an exquisite collection of authentic wedding kimonos and dresses, providing an essential service for those seeking to celebrate their special day in traditional Japanese style. The selection encompasses the entire range of ceremonial attire including the elegant iro-uchikake, the pure shiro-muku, and the formal montsuki hakama, each piece a testament to the rich cultural heritage of Japanese wedding customs. The investment in such regal attire is a testament to the grandeur of the occasion, with the rental of a full set of colored uchikake and montsuki hakama for the ceremony valued at over 300,000 yen. These majestic ensembles, steeped in tradition, stand in stark contrast to the simpler yukata and furisode kimonos found at tourist spots, offering a truly authentic experience for those who choose to honor their union through the beauty of Japanese tradition.

In Japan, the bride’s attire is a focal point of the wedding celebration. A shiro-muku, an all-white kimono, may grace the ceremony, symbolizing purity and new beginnings. At the reception, the bride often transitions to a iro-uchikake, a colorful and ornate garment that embodies the joy and vibrancy of the occasion. These garments are not merely clothing but works of art adorned with intricate patterns and embellishments, ensuring that they photograph as beautifully as they present in person, leaving an indelible mark on the memories of all who partake in the festivities.

In the bustling heart of Tokyo, Kinshicho district stands as a showcase of urban charm, with the iconic Tokyo Skytree punctuating its skyline. This area, beloved for its warm izakayas and traditional craft workshops, also boasts a vibrant shopping district. Historical landmarks such as the Hoonji Temple, with roots tracing back to the famed Edo Castle builder Ota Dokan, and the Inari Shrine with its picturesque red torii gates, offer a unique photographic tapestry. Kinshicho is a place where history and modernity converge, providing visitors with an authentic Tokyo experience through its myriad of exclusive locations that are ideal for capturing memories.



Approx. 2 hours.

200,000 yen (incl. tax)

Kimono rental for the couples

Simple hair and make-up for the lady

Photography in the photo studio.Location shooting (Tokyo Skytree, temples, shrines, pubs, shopping streets, etc.) – subject to weather and season.


Approx. 3 hours.

300,000 yen (incl. tax)

Kimono rental for the couples

Simple hair and make-up for the lady

Photography in the photo studio.

Location shooting (+ special location Kiyosumi Garden, Tokyo Sky Tree, temples, shrines, taverns, shopping streets, etc.) Varies according to weather and season.

Lisa Syoyama, President of TIG Dress Tokyo;

I would like people from overseas to experience the true beauty of Japan and the meaning of the patterns by actually wearing traditional Japanese wedding costumes. At the same time, I would like them to experience the goodness of Kinshicho, where I was born and raised and where I have been supported for the past 20 years since I started my business, a downtown full of warmth. I want to make Kinshicho, Tokyo, and Japan the most memorable place for foreign visitors to Japan. This is my strong desire.



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