NTT QONOQ Releases “Twipet” application

A Generative AI Technology Translating Your Beloved Pet’s Feelings in Real Time!

February 9, 2024 — NTT QONOQ, Inc. announced the launch of “Twipet” in the United States, an innovative application that brings your pet’s emotions to life with the power of generative AI.

“Twipet” is an application that displays a pet’s feelings in real time by simply holding a smartphone over a pet. This application utilizes generative AI technology to analyze the scene where a pet is and generate phrases that a pet is likely to be saying in the situation.

Users can customize a pet’s personality within the app, enhancing the experience with more tailored phrases. Moreover, photos and videos captured through Twipet can be effortlessly shared with family and friends on various social media platforms.

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This application was planned by NTT QONOQ, Inc. and developed by curiosity, Inc.

1. Why we developed “Twipet”

Pets are considered members of the family. In daily life with pets, they show us unique and funny behaviors everyday. They can be sweet, calm, selfish, and so on. Twipet was created to help pet’s owners enjoy these cute and delightful moments even more.

Generative AI technology recognizes the scene where a pet is and generates phrases that a pet is likely to be saying in real time. This application provides a novel communication experience with your pet.

2. Features of “Twipet”

“Twipet” is designed to quickly capture and share your pet’s adorable and humorous moments. Key features include:

1. “Guess the Mood” *

Simply hold up your smartphone to your pet, tap the “Guess the Mood” button, and you can see your pet’s feelings in real-time.

You can also analyze your pet’s feelings from photos and videos in your albums, enhancing the joy of revisiting your favorite moments.

*Note: The generative AI generates lines based on the scene captured through camera. The lines displayed on this app do not represent the exact feelings of the pet. Twipet is also not to be used for health care or medical diagnosis of your pet. Health and medical decisions should always be made by a professional veterinarian.

2. Share to SNS

Capture photos and videos with cute lines in speech bubbles and effortlessly share them with family, friends, and followers on social media platforms to enjoy them together.

3. Custom Settings

There is a pet’s personality setting to generate tailored phrases for your pet. You can also customize the design of speech bubbles to make your pet’s cute and lovely moments more special.

3. Premium Plan

For $2.99/month, the Premium Plan offers unlimited “Guess the Mood” and additional customization options.

4.Service Overview

Service Name: Twipet

Concept: New communication tool to feel closer to your pet.

Operating Environment Verification

– Android10 or higher

– iOS16 or higher

– iPadOS16 or higher


– Japanese

– English

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“Twipet” is one of the products of the XR City project.

【About XR City】“XR City” is a new type of AR application that allows you to experience AR contents on your smartphone or tablet. When you hold up the “XR City” camera in the city or at home, you can experience the “convenient, helpful, and fun” fusion of real and digital worlds in AR. 


President and CEO: MARUYAMA Seiji

Location: 7F Sanno Park Tower, 11-1 Nagata-cho 2-chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


Started operations as a wholly owned subsidiary of NTT DOCOMO, INC. on October 1, 2022. We will provide a variety of services and solutions to individual and corporate customers using VR (virtual reality), AR (augmented reality), MR (mixed reality) and other XR technologies, based on the three core businesses of Metaverse, Digital Twin and XR Devices.

curiosity, inc.

President and CEO: Takahiro Horikawa

Location: Shoko-building 8F, Kanda-jinbocho 3-10, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


curiosity, inc. is a creative studio in Tokyo, Japan that creates entertainment experiences that fuse the real and the digital using XR and new technologies under the theme of “Immersive Entertainment”.

This service/effort is one of the NTT Group’s “NTT XR* (Extended Reality)” XR service brand initiatives.

* XR is a generic term for technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. 

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