Japanese Calligraphic Artist SHIN-REI, who brings the warrior to life in calligraphy, moves into esports ~Shogun loved the power of harmony, that is calligraphy~

SHIN-REI has already performed at the Louvre Museum, calligraphy performance, design and exhibition at United States, Europe, Asia and Japan. As part of its global expansion, SHIN-REI will starts to actively collaborate with the esports industry.

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SHIN-REI calligraphy is powerful and energetic. It’s fascinating calligraphy is loved by various Japanese companies and a person of culture, and empowers the viewer.

The Kanji character in the photo is read as “Sei”. The meaning of this kanji is that calm, undisturbed, quiet and peaceful.
Calligraphy has been used for a long to raise the Syogun spirits, to restrain oneself, and to intimidate the enemy.
Many Syogun’s have benefited from the use of calligraphy on their flags.

※The Kanji character in the photo is read as “Ifu”. The meaning of this kanji is that authority and dignity.

Intangible video games can bring fun and player feelings to the fans of esports and the people involved, which is similar to calligraphy.

●Event organizer’s thoughts on esports games
●The ideal appearance of the team
●Player’s passionately soul


We get them and write our works with the feeling of bringing them to life.

※The Kanji character in the photo is read as “Kansha”. The meaning of this kanji is that thanks a million.

The calligraphy is
・esports games name
・Team name
・Player logo

※Below is a sample image※

Sample image 1 “Temporary game name”

Sample image 2 “Team name”

Sample image 3 “Player logo”

Further development of esports, related businesses, events, teams and players will all be applied at a special price.
For more information, please contact us by email.
Contact info:
※Please email us in English※


【SHIN-REI Profile】

Calligrapher SHIN-REI Beginning calligraphy at age of 7. Won numerous awards at the Yomiuri Shoho Exhibition and the Japan Shogakuin Exhibition.

She got master’s license at age of 22, and opened Shinka Calligraphy Class.
Involved in the publication and editing of the calligraphy auction “Donguril”.

Regarding calligraphy performance, not only in Japan, USA · New York, France · Louvre Museum (Mainly this) etc. Workshops and solo exhibitions are also active globally.

Recent achievements
Provide the title logo.
・Artist, “Ketsumeishi” logo
・[Life before funeral TV Naoki Matayoshi’s life at funeral]
・[Tokyo Olympics Selection Judo Grand Slam in Osaka]

Calligraphy performance
・World Drift Tournament “FIA Intercontinental Drifting Cup Tokyo Drift 2018”
・Worldwide talk show TEDxNamba held in Japan
・The world’s first Calligrapher SHINREI × Waterlight graffiti collaboration 

Now she is also actively developing new possibilities and fields for calligraphy. 


Contact information for this release
3-5-11, Sendagaya, SSK building F1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 151-0051, Japan

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